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Established, Market Leading Affiliate Network Focused on the Consumer Products Vertical – 2,400+ Affiliates – 75% Retention Rate

Website Closers® presents a trusted and fully developed affiliate network. This brand offers phenomenal returns for clients and incredible promise for a discerning buyer. With an average 200X increase in advertiser sales and a 13X Upsell take-rate for affiliates, this company’s impressive and consistent results speak for themselves. Offering a 7-year history of dramatic growth and remarkable revenue, this affiliate market leader leverages a proprietary contact management system to coordinate more than 2,400 loyal affiliates and advertisers. Combining this framework with a whopping 75%+ retention rate, this company offers vast scale opportunities along with sustainable and reliable sales as the affiliate network and advertiser base continues to be developed.

A few highly encouraging paths to currently untapped markets include, growing this network through additional affiliate network acquisition, extended recruitment campaigns for both advertisers and affiliates, and further development of industry relationships.

Developing strong connections between clients and their respective account managers has been a key success in this industry. This practice, along with their impressive and consistent results, has led to a jaw-dropping customer retention rate among clients that grows exponentially when considering only this network’s largest clients. This brand’s strong and influential industry presence carries a fantastic reputation for both efficacy and integrity that has translated directly into word of mouth growth and market leading sales. This hard-earned notoriety would be difficult to replicate as this vertical now stands saturated with pop-ups and noise that would create a significant barrier to any adjacent start-ups or competitors.

That being said, the affiliate space remains an evergreen vertical with ever expanding reach and opportunity, especially as brand owners look for ways to market their products off of By acquiring these smaller networks that establish themselves quickly and effectively in new niches of the digital market, this company should grow swiftly and impactfully. Additionally, working to enhance current standings within each sector, this brand could easily recruit and onboard a myriad of new qualified affiliates and advertisers. Adding to their already skilled team of experts is not the only way to scale this brand. Marketing their own services as well as they do their clients, this company could easily grow their current customer base to deliver significantly increased revenue as well as extended opportunities for growth. A global brand, this company has very few barriers to growth, especially when considering the remarkable lack of overhead cost that comes with this unique industry.

Before partnering with a brand, this company thoroughly inspects and analyzes each product for quality and promise, refusing to put their good name behind subpar offerings. This system has served them well over the years as they boost the revenue of these clients exponentially turning them from start-ups to established brands. Working only with specified market segments now, expanding their reach into offers for other verticals could be the key to swift and reliable growth. Some examples of currently untapped markets include supplements and nutraceuticals. With the ability to effectively scale any US Amazon listing, this company thrives on helping companies grow off platform.

Already participating readily in trade shows and scattered digital placements, this business stands on a strong projected growth trajectory as is. Other advantageous paths open to this company are enhanced marketing initiatives such as SEO, PPC, and improved social media engagement.

Responsible for overseeing all compliance initiatives, general business direction, senior staff HR, new technology testing, financial tracking, and coordinating both the affiliates and advertisers, the current ownership dedicates up to 10 hours each week to maintaining and growing this offering. The ideal buyer for this incomparable company is familiar with the eCommerce industry as well as with digital marketing in general. The current owners are happy to remain at the company after closing to create a seamless and effective transition that helps this business continue to flourish for years to come.

A global network of thousands of affiliates partnered with incredible advertisers and client brands, this acquisition sets the market standard for quality, integrity, and results. A performance driven industry, this business has made a name for themselves both through their skill and through their ability to choose the right brands to support. Scaling this framework through improved internal advertising, service development, and cross-vertical growth, a capable incoming buyer could see unimaginable profits. A true market behemoth, this is a life-changing investment for any type of buyer.

This Affiliate Network Represented by:

Technology, Digital & Internet Business Broker

Listing ID:  WC2195

Asking Price
$ 85,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 13,575,398
Gross Income
$ 153,096,918
Year Established

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