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European Food & Beverage Storage eCommerce Brand – DTC & Amazon Sales – 50% YOY Increase in Sales on DTC – Ready for Scale

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Website Closers® presents a brand leader in the Quality Sports Bottle Vertical that is making considerable headway in the European market. Its D2C business model utilizes both Amazon FBA as well as its own masterfully designed, proprietary website to engage in sales, establishing an imposing 50% year-over-year increase in revenue. They’ve also tested the waters and set the stage for future B2B sales by securing bulk orders from other companies through strategic co-branding. Their selection of high-grade, insulated stainless steel and glass bottles has proven a worthy investment amongst their clientele, earning countless positive reviews and a highly receptive fan base. Given an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base, reusable drinkware has never been so well-positioned to make a splash.

This brand satisfies a unique demographic that exhibits complex consumer buying behaviors. Rendering 85% of their sales from the German market and the remaining 15% from Austrian buyers through Amazon, they’ve nestled themselves into a favorable pocket of the market. Their products are enjoyed by both men and women, typically aged 30 to 55, and a sizeable 15% of their customers are repeat buyers that frequent them on a yearly basis.  Their production model favors their market: European customers prefer to purchase (and will continue to purchase) high-quality, sustainable products – an advantage this company has capitalized on heavily since its launch.

Despite over-saturation, the durability, longevity, and value of their products have made them a standout in their designated market – not to mention their revenue-driving price point in comparison to competitors. With over 53% of individuals participating in outdoor recreational activities in the US alone (2020), this prompts the demand for functional and sustainable drinking bottles. As many continue to take to more of these lifestyle changes, there is a place for this retailer market to build reputable esteem similar to that of the Hydro Flask or YETI tumbler. The greater life expectancy of reusable water bottles has also increased consumers’ interest in the consumption of these products, which has hugely supported the growth of the sector. The global reusable water bottle market was valued at $8.38 billion (USD) in 2020 and is expected to expand by 4% within the next six years.

Along with the market, this company has grown considerably over the last four years. Their hyperactive community on social media has driven major brand recognition, with a cumulative total of 12,000+ positive online engagements spanning across their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Each artistic photo post, backdropped by the majestic Bavarian Alps, beautifully showcases their products’ appeal to hiking culture and their ability to adapt to any type of climate. This form of social proof of product quality and service, not only on social media but through their sales channels, has gained them irrevocable consumer trust.

This success places them in the perfect position for scale in all areas of trade growth. The company’s carefully cultivated customer base in Germany and Austria has equipped them with enough finesse to expand into other equally profitable markets. Progression toward The United States, Asia, as well as deeper steepening into European regions will make them a brand name that sticks. Having shown commanding gain in the eCommerce realm, product diversification and brand extension would also be natural scaling opportunities for the company. Introducing new product ranges like hydration bags, vacuum insulated lunch boxes, or complementary and convenient carrying cases that mirror their bottles in design and quality would promote product bundling for upsells and raise revenue significantly.  This flooding sales momentum would give them an active incentive to expand onto additional eCommerce websites such as eBay, Target, and Walmart.

Their highly profitable sales channels could see even more revenue increases as they begin to market their products internationally, the rise in consumer access opening the floodgates for new levels of marketing potentiality as well. Once they’ve been able to successfully transition into additional markets, the push for motivated brand awareness overseas should start with targeted email campaigns and an fresh SEO campaign. While they currently implement neither approach, doing so would drive organic traffic to their site and increase sales, while calculated e-campaigns would boost customer retention and ensure that revenue remains consistent.

Seasoned outdoor enthusiasts have always been their biggest draw but retargeting their content to appeal to younger audiences would benefit them even more. Like many popular reusable bottle companies, this business is backed by the advantage of having a neatly integrated and eye-catching social media feed. This shift could shape multiple influencer partnerships and referral programs as well as affiliate marketing models.

As formative generations are becoming privier to the staggering effects of climate change, there has been a primal push for instituting better, more environmentally-conscious practices. It is also a fact that this demographic deeply enjoys customization, opening the door for this brand to introduce a variety of unique decals or stickers for their products to invoke a sense of self-expression.

A global brand in nearly every fashion, they leverage manufacturing overseas, utilizing one company for their stainless-steel products and another for their glass products. They currently maintain $150,000 worth of inventory as working capital and employ a freelance content developer that has assisted them in establishing their online presence.

This is a thrilling opportunity to take ownership of a company that has dominated its sector of the European market with excellent skill and a profound knack for online engagement. Merging sustainability with profitability, a buyer will expect nothing less than recurring revenue strengthened by fortified scaling options.

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Asking Price
$ 350,000
Cash Flow
$ 95,094
Gross Income
$ 587,564
Year Established

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