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Female eCommerce Brand in the Shapewear Vertical – Strong Following on TikTok and a Robust Influencer Network – Content Creation Drives Organic Traffic – $55 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a flourishing eCommerce brand operating in the Female Undergarment Vertical, primarily Shapewear, which is worn under clothes and allows women to have a flatter stomach, curvier figure, and feel supported throughout their day.

This unique shapewear has helped customers feel comfortable on any occasion, from a wedding day, graduation ceremony, or work function to traveling, pre or post-pregnancy, or at a particularly indulgent brunch. The products are also designed for use with everyday dresses and clothing, and the catalog comprises multiple styles that complement different occasions.

The top-selling creation, a Backless Body Bra, is a one-of-a-kind product. It has created a stir on the brand’s TikTok page and across influencer marketing efforts. The product allows women to wear any dress they prefer, mainly backless dresses, without the concern of bra straps showing, all while having chest support. Additional SKUs are comforting and smooth and can be worn for long periods without any marks or harm done to the body.

People choose the products offered by this company thanks to its powerful branding and marketing angles and will socially call out the competition who tries to copy it. The pricing also falls on the middle to lower end, which has enabled the company to gain more market share.

Products are ordered from a trustworthy and reliable supplier in China. The supplier designs the products and sends samples for management to review. Once the quality and design of a product are approved, and the team believes it can do well via email and content marketing, branding is added. The merchandise is then shipped directly to a 3PL in Florida, where orders get dispatched to customers in short order.

Purchase orders are submitted once a month. Forty-five days’ worth of stock is ordered— approximately $10,000. Payment terms are 80% upon submission, and the remainder is due 45 days after the goods have been delivered to the 3PL. As a result, the business requires no office or warehouse space and endures minimal overhead.

The typical customer is a female between 18 and 34 who commonly buys on impulse when something is needed for an upcoming event. In this case, they need a garment for under their dress or formal outfit. Products are commonly bought for weddings or parties, and the brand enjoys a customer lifetime value of $55.

Lead generation is based on TikTok ads, email marketing, and influencer marketing. The marketing efficiency ratio on any given month is 3-4. A contractor posts organic content once or twice daily on Instagram and TikTok, respectively. Once successful posts are identified, management runs daily ads with a budget of $200 to $400.

$1,000 per month is allocated for brand search on Google Ads. At the same time, affiliate marketing through an app brings in some revenue, with 10-15% commissions. Email marketing now accounts for around 20% of sales, with a tremendous return on the $700 investment.

The two owners have systemized operations and now work only 7 to 12 hours weekly combined. One primarily manages inventory, the virtual assistants via slack, and paid ads. The other handles finances, bank accounts, and organic marketing channels.

Additional contractors include two virtual assistants from the Philippines and a content creator in the US. One virtual assistant deals with all customer service needs and replenishes inventory, working ten hours weekly. The other manages influencer marketing and works 15 hours each week.

The Content Creator develops and posts content for the TikTok page once daily. The brand owns the rights to all content, and the page is fully automated.

Few special skills are required to own and operate this well-oiled business, and the transition should be seamless and straightforward. It would be beneficial, but not necessary, for a buyer to understand excellent content marketing and capably manage the content creators already on board. Additional basic entrepreneurial skills, such as supply chain and inventory management, are helpful but can easily be taught to a new owner.

This eCommerce Brand is Represented by:

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WC 2932

Asking Price
$ 504,000
Cash Flow
$ 139,890
Gross Income
$ 431,820
Year Established

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