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Feminine Hygiene CPG Brand | 15 Wholesale Customers | 100% Repeat Order Rate | Massive YOY Scale | 30 Years in Business | 40,000 Average Order Value

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Website Closers® presents a well-established name in the Active Feminine Hygiene Market, and one that has outcompeted any would-be rivals time and time again. They introduced Australia’s first all-natural 100% cotton tampons 30 years ago, then, as they grew, went on to launch a line of other popular hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, pant liners, overnight pads, and incontinence range with a 100% cotton coversheet.

Their 13 SKUs are manufactured exclusively for them by private label manufacturers in China and in Europe, are produced to their specifications, and sold exclusively under their brand. They can be found in all major supermarkets in Australia, and even some overseas markets, with the brand boasting 15 dedicated wholesale customers. Their customers have proven so loyal to the brand that they have a 100% Repeat Customer Rate, as well as a considerable Average Order Value (AOV) of $40,000.

Business Broker Takeaways

  1. Excellent Reputation and Reach. The brand’s customers have praised them as a “resilient brand”, and the brand has “stuck” with consumers across the UK, Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal, where the brand has had distribution for several years now. This is proven by the extensive list of brands that have come into the sector to try and dislodge the company from their high position and failed, which feature names such as Natracare, Pureste, Veeda, Oi, and various others.
  2. Consistent Demand. One of the many benefits of operating in their industry has been their consistent demand and lack of seasonality. The global market sat at a massive $41.29 billion in 2023 and is projected to continue steadily growing by a CAGR of 7.78%. Customers are always in need of high-quality hygiene products, and the brand’s lineup of SKUs lets them cater to various different preferences and age groups.
  3. Sturdy Supply Chain. The brand weathered the supply chain issues that COVID brought about for many brands relatively unscathed and are now on an upward trajectory. They place new orders every month, with a 30% deposit on order and 70% on dispatch. These orders are stored in their 4,000 square foot warehouse and are shipped out at a rate of about 5 shipments every day.

The company’s status as a well-known, well-trusted brand across Australia means they require little in the ways of advertising efforts. They have social media marketing via Instagram and TikTok that is managed by an outside agency, and they have a SEO campaign on their site that is constantly being updated. This campaign includes a blog that is dedicated to educating women everywhere on important hygiene topics such as menstruation, menopause, post-childbirth troubles, and incontinence.

The 3 sellers work in CEO positions and spend 30 hours per week on their responsibilities. Outside of these CEOs, the brand also has employees working in the following capacities:

  • COO
  • Sales Director
  • Receptionist
  • 3 Warehouse Staff

The company is a titan of their market, and have excelled in their positioning, relevance, product integrity, and consumer engagement. If a buyer is interested in developing this veteran any further, they could set about doing so through continued global expansion. There are larger international markets that the brand has yet to tap into, such as the US, which would be immensely profitable if given the proper investment.

The feminine hygiene market is a difficult one for companies to break into, with plenty of high barriers to entry and supermarkets often having unforgiving expectations for rates of sales. This acquisition’s ability to not just succeed, but actively thrive in this market, makes them an immensely valuable for a buyer’s portfolio.

If you’re interested in learning more about what this brand has to offer, then please contact Website Closers today for more details.

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WC 3372

Asking Price
$ 6,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,350,000
Gross Income
$ 5,000,000
Year Established

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