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Feminine Products eCommerce Brand | 45% Repeat Order Rate | 40-50% Net Margins | Proprietary Designs | 8 Years in Business | $101 AOV

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that has been a valuable asset for women struggling with menstrual and bladder incontinence issues for nearly a full decade. They sell a variety of feminine care garments such as underwear, swimwear, sleepwear, and activewear, and offer first period kits for those who may be new to their time of the month. They have hundreds of SKUs that feature different colors, sizes, and styles, making it easier for customers to find the exact type of garment to suit their unique needs and preferences.

Their proprietary product line has won over many of their customers, with the reliability, variety, and utility of their SKUs earning them an impressive Repeat Customer Rate of 45%. They have an Average Order Value (AOV) of $101 and gross margins of roughly 70%.

Business Broker Takeaways

  1. Well-Protected Brand. The company has taken many steps to safeguard their brand and product designs. They have several different patents, trade secrets, and trademarks in place, keeping rivals from infringing on their popular offerings. The brand works with a US sourcing product to order all their products and deals directly with overseas manufacturers for some of our bundled items.
  2. Wholesale Potential. An ambitious buyer will be pleased to find that this brand has fantastic wholesale potential. They already have about 10 small boutique stores, and regularly get wholesale inquiries. With additional time and focus, this channel could develop into a far more profitable source of revenue. They have an email for wholesale activity simply because of requests from shops and could start growing this channel by actively marketing to it.
  3. Streamlined Operations. The company has recently outsourced elements of logistics, customer service, back-office operations, and others to make operations leaner and more profitable. They have 4 employees, which consist of a customer service administrator, an email marketer, an operational administrator, and a fulfilment administrator that may become unnecessary as the brand moves to a new 3PL.

Scale Opportunities

The company has many other scale opportunities available outside of their wholesale potential, which can be used to bring them to the next level in the right hands. One low-hanging fruit for a buyer to pick would be to expand their product line. The company has sold men’s underwear in the past, and when they have, they have always sold out very quickly. By making men’s apparel a permanent addition to their stock, they could drastically increase their revenue and broaden their demographics.

The best way to scale this brand, however, would be to invest in their advertising strategy. While they have currently suspended all advertising, their historical ROAS is 2.5-3, and has easily reached 8 figures in revenue.

They could start by investing in paid advertising across Google, Facebook, and other popular platforms, and, from there, focus on other methods. Their social media marketing is one such option, which the brand is already considering expanding to include TikTok. They have nearly 170,000 followers on Meta that they could more fully engage, and a savvy buyer could expand their social media presence to great effect.

Their email marketing campaign is an underutilized channel, as while they have an extremely loyal customer base and do emails, they have yet to put together a full-on campaign to build up for any event or holiday. A proper campaign could fully utilize their 50,000-subscriber strong database and increase their Repeat Customer Rate.

In-person events have proven to be another good avenue for advertising, as pre-COVID the company put together a successful “Period Party” for girls and their mothers where they could do nail painting, get their hair done, etc. They could continue to run these events to improve their reputation and strengthen their customers’ loyalty and trust.

Additionally, the company has developed an athletic line and connected with well-known professional athletes that wanted to represent their product. The company elected not to move forward with them as they shifted focus to our top performing products, but following up on new sponsorships to promote their SKUs would likely lead to a significant spike in new potential customers looking into their products.


This 8-year-old company has a highly dedicated following behind them, which they have earned through their high-quality proprietary designs, polished operations, and dedication to establishing themselves as a reliable brand in touch with common issues women struggle with. They have plenty of scale opportunities that the right buyer could utilize, giving them great potential for their new owner’s portfolio.

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Asking Price
$ 4,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 948,922
Gross Income
$ 1,871,240
Year Established

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