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French Country Decor eCommerce Brand – 18 years in Business – 5,000 + SKUs


Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce business that has tapped into the appeal of the rustic, elegant, and popular French Farmhouse style of décor, and over the course of nearly two decades has turned this company into a phenomenally successful Internet Business. In fact, the company now offers an astonishing 5,000+ SKUs, some of which are private label … an impressive line of products that have brought in strong, growing sales with a strong average order value of $750. Offering a line of products that ranges from décor and lighting to furniture, rugs, gifts, and bed & bath accessories. This business has done an exceptional job of finding and connecting with their customer base to consistently sell the uniquely designed and stylish products they offer.

One of the company’s core strengths is its high recurring revenues, along with an option to scale dramatically through private label development, channel diversification, and marketing initiatives. Currently earning 100% of its sales through their branded Shopify website, this company has recently created an Amazon account though they have yet to post any products on it. Expanding sales onto other popular marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart would present an enormous opportunity for increased sales.

Established over 18 years with the mission of marketing compelling furniture in the growing aesthetic of French country décor, the company sources their unrivaled pieces from a myriad of US vendors with a focus on luxury modern farmhouse décor and French country home furniture. Among their many products are 15 exclusive SKUs made under this company’s own design and brand. Their enviable vendor agreements help ensure that this company retains a competitive edge through exclusive distribution rights and preferential stock management.

With the US housing market booming, this strategically positioned brand has had no trouble finding and selling to consumers of all kinds. In fact, there are more people than ever before who are eager to be decorating, or redecorating, their homes. Effectively satisfying spikes in purchase volume, the brand does not stock any items and relies on a powerful drop ship approach from their vendors.

This company has benefitted from strong word of mouth growth from satisfied customers. The company’s repeat customer rate is 16% and rising, while their website has pages upon pages filled with glowing testimonials from past buyers on the quality of their merchandise, how exceptional the items fit into the customers’ home, and their reliable, first-rate customer service.

The company appeals to strong demographics, with their typical customer being women between the age of 40-55 with a middle to upper income level who love to decorate and entertain. It’s not uncommon for the company to get a customer interested in purchasing one item, then adding several more items after speaking with their sales manager. There are also recurring revenues from customers who purchase décor and furniture for multiple rooms in their home.

With their website processing orders and vendors handling the shipping, this company is highly automated and requires very little time commitment during the week. The current owner spends three hours each day on the company, while a full-time sales manager looks for potential sales leads on chats, emails, and social media posts. The owner also focuses on ensuring that customer service inquiries are addressed in a timely manner while overseeing email and SMS marketing campaigns. The company uses several independent contractors, including Google ad specialists as well to bolster messaging and ROI.

To boost sales and expand the customer base, this company has relied on paid media as well as a very vibrant social media presence. The business has a nice following on social media that includes 30,000+ followers on Facebook and 18,000+ followers on Instagram. These sites have been instrumental in driving organic traffic to their website and enabling the company to connect with online users who comment on their posts.

The company has an SEO program that includes on-page SEO and use of keywords to boost their ranking in search engines. The approach is working, and the site now averages a whopping 114,000+ average monthly visits. PPC run on Facebook, Google AdWords, and Pinterest. This company is well positioned to expand sales through email marketing, thanks to a database of 50,000+ email subscribers. This company couldn’t be better positioned to grow. Having an underutilized Amazon platform, the company could easily upload listings and open sales to that eCommerce titan’s massive audience. Sales could be expanded on other secondary marketplaces such as Walmart, while Amazon would be effective as well for an international expansion to that site’s platforms in Canada, the European Union, and other countries.

Another strong scale option would be to launch an affiliates program on social media that uses influencers to promote their SKUs, while increasing ad spend.

The company could also add thousands more SKUs to their product line, as they already have items in multiple categories. As part of that, this company could branch off into other furniture styles and product categories while aiming to upsell to their existing customer base.

A B2B expansion would be another strong scale option. The company has heard from some retailers interested in carrying some of their SKUs in their stores, and there are plenty of brick-and-mortar retailers this brand could market to for their unique home décor items, both large and small.

With nearly 20 years of success under their belt, this company has developed a firm reputation as the go-to company for pieces that perfectly fit the French Country home style.

That kind of reputation doesn’t happen overnight, and this company has the gross revenues and high customer satisfaction levels to prove just how well their system works.  With zero inventory to manage and no working capital requirements, this business is a terrific opportunity for any buyer ready to expand quickly and experience incredible results.

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