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Full Service Amazon Account Agency – 90% Repeat Customer Rate – Amazon Trusted Partner & Solution Provider


The business is a leading Full-Service Amazon Account Agency with 69% Year over Year Growth and a 90% Repeat Customer Rate. They work with dozens of well known direct to consumer brands, and have been featured on leading publications (NYT, CNBC, Business Insider) several times this year. Officially listed as one of a dozen US full-service account management partners on Amazon’s Solution Provider Network, and similarly shortlisted as a trusted partner of Amazon Advertising, the company benefits from access to beta programs and enhanced reporting / support – allowing clients highly Advantageous and Exclusive Amazon Insider Access. Growth has been completely organic with zero internal ad spend while still managing extraordinary renewal rates. This business functions extremely well on word of mouth but is ready to scale with plenty of opportunity in multiple markets. This is a hands-on opportunity to enter a fast growth industry with huge opportunities in the near and long term.

A few of the value propositions of this company include:

Past Clients – Dozens of A-list brands, including SanDisk, Sun-Maid Raisins, and Slimfast have entrusted the brand to launch and/or scale their Amazon business. Many of these brands have been clients for several years.

Client growth – Brand sales on Amazon scale at a rate that significantly outperforms their competition. After one year, brands often grow by more than 50% (and often 2-3X their starting point).

Access – The business is recognized as a trusted partner for several Amazon teams, which has led to direct referrals and special access to beta opportunities and highly sought-after promotional opportunities. Also accessible are dozens of brands free account management services, typically $5K per month, and is a huge growth enabler.

Process – A strong roadmap on how to launch and scale brands on Amazon.

Credibility – Recognized as a thought leader in the industry, and referenced in several publications (including NY Times and Business Insider).

Passive Sales process – Zero investment on marketing – nearly all leads are word of mouth.

The business has built a strong reputation providing consulting services, most often in the form of full account management aimed at brand growth, however they also offer full service, a la carte, advisory services, and account audits. Their portfolio to date includes over a hundred brands to scale on Amazon, including several Fortune 500 companies, big box retailers, and leading DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands. They currently manage nearly $100M in revenue and $10M in Amazon ad spend annually. The business boasts remarkable renewal rates at over 90% with clients usually extending past the initial term.

The business has scaled well since inception, but many more opportunities are available, including an investment in inbound and outbound sales efforts to acquire new brands, building services specifically for mid-tier brands (a book of business currently not being targeted), exploring international expansion opportunities, and using in-house expertise to scale owned or acquired Amazon brands. Additionally, content development has been minimal and can be significantly expanded. Finally, further investing in account audits and other ‘foot in the door’ services can cultivate an expanded pipeline.

A perfect suitor for this business would be a traditional consultative, operational, or marketing agency that could take the business expertise of this target and scale their current pipeline. New owners would instantly obtain proficiency and name recognition as an Elite Amazon Consultancy with a high-profile track record of big brand driven success.

The business is nationally recognized as an expert and thought leader within the Amazon ecosystem. For example, the business authored Shopify’s “How to Sell on Amazon” guide and chairs the Amazon Workshop at IRCE Show, the world’s largest eCommerce conference.

The client has also worked with the Launchpad team on over a dozen brands and can instantly have their clients approved and skip the queue. They have established rare access to Global Account Reps that can help expand brands to other Amazon marketplaces outside of the US, and they also have access to get their brands with seller accounts an opportunity to get tagged to an account rep at no cost, which is a service that Amazon charges over $5K per month for via a similar format with a different team.

A full staff of experts is on hand, leaving ownership free to focus on pipeline leads and contract negotiation. This is a huge opportunity for the right buyer.

This Amazon Agency Represented by:
Website Closers
Tech, Internet & Amazon Business Brokers
WC: 2042
Asking Price
$ 13,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,479,337
Gross Income
$ 2,995,737
Year Established