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Full Service Digital Marketing Firm | 24% 2020-2024 CAGR | 40% Recurring Revenue | High Volume Evergreen Industries | In Business Since 2015

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Website Closers® presents a Full-Service Marketing Firm that has been serving a wide range of clients since 2015. They provide expertise in all dimensions of marketing with a strong focus on growth strategies and tactics for their clients. Their services include web design, search engine marketing, branding, and graphic design. The brand takes a hands-on approach alongside their clients through each step of the marketing process, ensuring that they come away satisfied: something that their respectable 40% Repeat Recurring Revenue rate can attest to.

Though COVID took a heavy toll on many businesses, this firm has achieved consistent SDE growth post-pandemic, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24% since 2020. Their stability is in part due to their highly successful presence in dozens of in-demand service industries, such as doctors, dentists, and municipalities. These recession resistant verticals help ensure that their sales remain stable even if a particular industry dips in profitability.

Business Broker Takeaways

1. Organic Marketing Strategy. While the firm ran a content marketing initiative from late 2020 through 2022, they currently don’t maintain an active advertisement effort, paid or otherwise. Instead, they primarily generate traffic through word-of-mouth referrals and inbound leads, which they complement with news posts and announcements on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

2. Thriving Industry. The digital advertising market has skyrocketed throughout the last few decades, establishing itself as the dominant advertising medium in 2018 and accounting for over half of ad spend around the world. With the number of internet users doubling in size from 2.3 billion in 2012 to 5.1 billion in 2022, business owners across countless fields and industries have realized just how lucrative digital advertising can be, driving the demand for firms that know how to construct an excellent marketing strategy such as this one.

3. Qualified Team. The brand’s daily operations are managed by an established, self-directed team, which is led by the experienced leaders they have in place. The work this team puts in has left ownership with a workload that falls anywhere between 10 to 40 hours per week, depending on how busy the firm is and how much time the owner is looking to invest. Their daily tasks consist primarily of staff recruitment, management growth, and planning for the brand’s future.

Scale Opportunities

One of the best ways that an ambitious buyer could scale this business would be through their own marketing campaign. Their strong organic traffic has given them significant outbound marketing opportunities, and their 1000+ business-strong subscriber database could be used for email marketing purposes, bolstering their recurring revenue rate. They could also undertake paid marketing on Facebook and other social networks, tapping into a versatile channel that is used by millions of consumers every day.

A buyer could also leverage their established position of expertise in their key verticals to promote themselves to new potential clients, letting their reputation speak for them. Additionally, they could use their foundation to potentially branch off into new industries and/or new regions, giving them a wider range of clients to attract and strengthening their revenue as a result.


This deal presents an excellent opportunity to enter the digital marketing industry, or for a buyer to merge their existing marketing businesses into this one for an even greater market presence. They have nearly 10 years of experience satisfying their customers with their polished services, giving them a loyal consumer base and reputation that a buyer could quickly build upon with the right strategies. Management’s flexible schedule will allow the new owner to better tailor this acquisition to their needs, and as the brand is operating cashflow positive, it’s unlikely that there will be any major working capital requirements to deal with.

The CEO or COO would be open to remaining for some time if necessary, which could make the transition process smoother.

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WC 3415

Asking Price
$ 2,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 501,833
Gross Income
$ 2,709,405
Year Established

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