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Gaming Tournament Platform | Proprietary Tech Stack | 99.9% Retention Rate | Massive Growth Profile | B2B & DTC Sales

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Website Closers® presents a Technology Company that has become a go-to platform for video gamers worldwide for its unique Gaming Tournament platform, which is entirely proprietary and accessible to everyday gamers rather than just professionals.

Gamers love it, with new members signing up every month. Since launching just three years ago, this brand is recognized today for having constructed the most complaint, easiest-to-use gaming tournament platform within the global eSports world of organized video gaming events.

This trademarked brand has strengths that set them apart from competitors. Their custom-built platform is enjoying high profits from both B2B and DTC sales. With an appealingly diverse catalog of games and tournaments to offer, their customer base is intensely loyal, giving the company a 99.9% Retention Rate, with customers on average spending $9 each month to participate.

That speaks volumes about both the quality of their platform and the brand’s advertising campaigns, which have been bolstered by word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers and email and social media marketing campaigns.

Their B2B market is performing exceptionally well, especially with a high contract value of $15,000.  Businesses involved in the gaming industry have taken note of the company’s proprietary platform and are eager to attract their loyal fan base. The company is now ready to scale by growing its player community, improving the features of its platform to maintain an edge over competitors, and by collaborating with game developers and content creators to diversify what they offer.

The surging growth of the eSports industry bodes well for this company’s future. Valued at $2 billion globally, the eSports industry is now growing at a massive 26.8% rate through 2030. Thanks to the increased live streaming of games and a rising audience reach for league tournaments, this industry is looking at tremendous growth in the short run.

As the number of global gamers keeps multiplying, there are increasingly profitable opportunities for companies marketing to them. Today there are more international gaming events than ever before, and colleges and universities now offer eSports programs to encourage more skilled professionals in this field.

This company is an ideal example of why the industry is becoming so profitable.

Their Mission

This company was launched with a clear mission: to redefine the gaming experience by connecting its players to a wider array of gaming opportunities. To do that, the company excelled at merging cutting-edge technology with specific entertainment goals that enhance social connectivity among its fans.

Founded by two avid gamers, the current ownership aimed to fill gaps in the gaming market by ensuring their platform was accessible to everyday gamers lacking the ability to win large prizes if they weren’t professional gamers or sponsored players. Designed with those gamers in mind, the new platform revolutionized the video game tournament industry by being accessible to everyone and providing them with opportunities to win cash or prizes.

Their customers responded with enormous enthusiasm. Today, 90% of the company’s volume is DTC, even as 90% of revenue comes from B2B sales.

The company generates revenue in other ways, including service fees, advertising and subscriptions. Their contracts, billed monthly, typically extend for a year or longer.

Having successfully built such a popular platform, the company is now focused on using marketing to grow their gaming community.

Finding their Audience

From the start, the company’s digital marketing campaign has successfully driven sales higher each year. The brand mixes paid advertisements on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram with organic traffic generated by having its website fully optimized for SEO keywords.

With an email database of 12,000+ subscribers, their email marketing campaign is effectively leveraged for targeting customers in several ways, including through specific games, promoting events, attracting new users, and promoting partner events. The company also has become skillful at partnering with pro gamers to boost their user base through live streaming services. The brand now works with professional streamers to promote their brand, tournaments, and future engagements.

Affiliate marketing is another aspect of their growth strategy, and they have an active content creation plan that includes posts on their social media sites that focus on highlighting tournament winners and boosting customer engagement through fun polls. Their content creation also includes an educational, informative blog on the company’s website.

Their Team

The buyer of this fast-growing business will get a business with an experienced and talented team fully in place, which includes a full-time chief executive officer, marketing officer, and developer, and a part-time risk manager, developer, and manager of development.

As this team oversees daily operations, the current owners can focus on sales and the creation of customer tournaments. The company also provides support for ongoing tournaments and is continuously building new feature enhancements for the platform.

Gamers can be found across the globe, sharing excitement and passion for participating in these tournaments, assuming they can find a platform that’s right for them. That’s exactly what this brand is now providing thousands of gamers with, giving them a rapidly expanding customer base that seems certain to grow even larger with an enhanced digital marketing campaign. For the right buyer, this is a tremendous opportunity to run an innovative platform that has massive scale potential. This brand is offering the platform for sale or seeking an additional $3 million in funding through an equity-based investment opportunity.

This Technology Company is Represented by:

Website Closers

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WC 3266

Asking Price
$ 22,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 7,490,184
Gross Income
$ 10,794,234
Year Established

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