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Global DTC Nutritional Supplements Brand Focused on Anti-Aging Products – 50% Net Margins – 60% Repeat Customer Rate – 1,000% YOY Growth – Ready to Scale into Amazon

Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company in the Health and Supplements field dedicated to helping consumers remain forever young. Demonstrating stunningly high growth margins since inception, this scaling brand’s anti-aging products speak to where the future of healthcare is headed. This company has developed a tremendously loyal customer base, resulting in a ~60% Repeat Customer Rate and word-of-mouth referrals are currently their strongest marketing tools. That’s a huge achievement, but it’s important to consider the bigger picture: The company markets in the field of health care supplements, which is one of the world’s most profitable spaces, but more specifically in the niche field of anti-aging products, which is projected to experience highly robust growth among an aging population and reach $61.7 billion by 2028. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and this brand has done an exceptional job of giving their fast-growing customer base a fountain of youth site to tap into.

That’s helped to drive sales and a remarkable 1,000% Year-Over-Year Growth Rate. This offering offers an investor growing, recurring revenues on 50% Net Margins and an expanding subscriber base (now ~26% of gross revenue and rising). But even more exciting are the immediate scale opportunities that are available to them, including without question adding as a sales channel, where roughly 70% of consumers currently begin their search for Nutritional Supplements. All of this points to a company that has just scratched the surface of growth and is well on its way to becoming a household name.

The brand has become highly trusted for their products. Before launching their first product, the brand carefully researched what has become a collection of 33 SKUs, consisting of Dietary Supplements designed to help reduce or even reverse the impacts of aging, giving them an enormously popular reputation with an aging Baby Boomer generation.  The phenomenal growth over the last two years hasn’t detracted from the brand’s core values of providing healthy lifestyle supplements to all people no matter their social or economic background. The Continued laboratory Research led by world renowned scientists has made them a world leader in the Health Supplement Market and one its customer base trusts.

Not only does this generation put an increased emphasis on their health, well-being, and their physical appearance, but at the peak of their careers, they bring to the table high levels of discretionary income. The brand’s demographic tends to be 45 and older, with equal numbers of men and women, who are middle class to upper income. Not only that, but since they care about the impact these products have on their daily lives, sales remain high throughout the year with minimal seasonal factors.

Their products were developed through a mix of research into the purest ingredients known to produce anti-aging results, along with independent advice form an advisory board and feedback from customers. Customer reviews have been wildly enthusiastic, with plenty of glowing feedback about the clear health benefits their products are providing. It’s no exaggeration to say this brand helps clients lead their healthiest life possible and, more importantly, help slow the aging process.

Customer growth has led to stunning sales growth. This brand has enjoyed explosive growth and is currenting seeing $1 million per month in revenue. Sales are exclusively Direct to Consumer (DTC), thus only sold on the brand’s website, and the brand is enjoying 50%+ Net Margins, a phenomenal accomplishment caused by the extremely high AOV of $485 they enjoy on their 33 SKUs.

This is a global company. While based in Britain, the company has made an impressive connection with consumers in the huge American market. Today, 75% of their sales are from U.S. buyers. However, the brand’s presence extends globally, with 15% of revenue generated from customers in Europe, and 10% from other countries. The company stocks its products, and since they make up to 200 shipments per day, they typically stock up to $500,000 worth of inventory. Due to certain items’ popularity,  the company has started placing larger orders from its suppliers to ensure quick delivery times.

In addition to offering products on their website, the company allows its customers to take advantage of a subscription model on the SKUs of their choice.

The customers do the marketing for them. Driving million-dollar revenues with exponential growth isn’t something just accomplished by accident; this brand has employed several creative marketing tactics to drive traffic to their website and push sales. Two of their tactics have been the use of social media and a health care blog on their website. Their social media accounts include Instagram, where they have 1,780+ followers, and Facebook, where they have close to 1,000 followers. More fully developing social media is an immediate opportunity. Influencers have played a key role in their growth through social media: Most of their influencers are paid 5% of the sales made using their code, which has been highly effective in expanding the customer base and interesting to influencers given the brand’s high AOV. Their blog focuses on promoting not just their products, but also anti-aging health tactics in general, including intermittent fasting, a discussion on telomeres and aging, and more.

Also important to their success has been the brand’s email database, which now contains 18,000+ subscribers and growing. Their email newsletters are carefully targeted for upsells and information about special deals such as their Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. These tactics are working. The brand now enjoys 24,000+ monthly visits to their site.

But the important point to keep in mind is how successfully their customers do the marketing for them: The impact of word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers can’t be underestimated. Once a customer becomes excited about the effects of one of their products, they endorse it to a friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker, which drives sales even higher.

Options to Scale Are Enormous. Since sales are conducted entirely on their website, the brand can easily expand to selling on such popular eCommerce marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, opening up the brand to the millions who use those sites and driving sales growth to spectacular new heights. Amazon offers the company the opportunity for additional growth on an international scale, utilizing the global platforms of the retail dynamo. With such a huge database of email subscribers, upgrading their marketing through this channel would prove highly beneficial.

Launching an optimized SEO program would also yield tremendous results, as would expanding their blog program to feature more regular contributions, tapping into the tendency to share these posts among health enthusiasts. PPC ads run on Google are another untapped opportunity for growth. The company has the additional option to continue expanding its product line, creating more products that customers come to rely on in their daily lives. And given this brand’s powerful acceptance by consumers is evidence that this company’s products could easily be sold to big box retailers and sold on shelves. Other retail opportunities include Spas & Health Clubs, Clinics, Pharmacies and more.

Having quickly established itself as a leading expert and source in the biohacker community, scaling this company would mean creating a global household name brand with virtually unlimited scale potential. It’s a fabulous opportunity to seize control of the future of this company, one with a customer base that seems all too eager to watch it grow.

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