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Groundbreaking Lead Generation SaaS Company – Strong YOY Growth – Recurring Revenue – Multiple Business Lines with Monthly Contracts – 10 Years in Business

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1Website Closers® presents a Flourishing Digital Marketing Agency that offers its service as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. They have developed a unique and popular set of tools that provide B2B Clients with everything they need to perform Digital Marketing tasks for their companies, including Social Growth & Engagement, Lead Generation, Email Automation and Marketing Optimization. The tools are steadily growing in popularity and ready for explosive growth. They are few competitors that offer the combination of services offered by these technology tools. Sales are driven by the US market, with tremendous interest from Western Europe and South Africa that has yet to be pursued.

The team has spent years creating and optimizing digital marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes. They have serviced businesses from NASDAQ giants and mid-sized companies to countless small, fast-growth enterprises across many industries.

Those clients have grown from start-ups to over $1 million, $10 million, and $100 million in sales, respectively, demonstrating the expertise and proficiency of the team. Many have been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and achieved the growth they aspired to but didn’t know how.

This industry-leading SaaS platform offers a range of compelling value propositions that distinguish it from its competitors. First and foremost, it provides cost-effective lead generation, consistently delivering leads at a lower cost compared to industry standards. This affordability makes it an attractive choice for businesses looking to optimize their return on investment in lead generation.

Another key strength of the platform is its engagement approach. In today’s competitive landscape, engaging with prospects through multiple touchpoints is essential. This interface seamlessly integrates LinkedIn actions, email outreach, and social posting into a unified and automated process. By doing so, it ensures that potential leads are exposed to clients’ messages through various channels, significantly enhancing the likelihood of successful engagement.

LinkedIn can be cumbersome and limiting for many users. However, the owners have addressed this issue by providing a streamlined and efficient messaging tool. This user-friendly interface not only improves the overall user experience but also increases the effectiveness of outreach efforts.

Another standout feature is its “Done for You” solution. The dedicated team behind the service takes on the responsibilities of campaign optimization and management, allowing businesses to redirect their resources and time toward other crucial aspects of their operations.

Beyond its current success, the company is poised for substantial growth. With its proven value propositions, it is ready for expansion through aggressive sales and marketing strategies.

The business takes pride in delivering top-tier support without any additional charges. Everything is encompassed within the monthly cost, and the service offers flexible payment options to cater to a broader audience. Customers can opt for a one-time fee for six months or choose a convenient monthly payment plan.

Four primary aspects form the cornerstone of the company:

Onboarding: The team of experts engages in personalized one-on-one consultations with clients to understand their specific requirements and guide them through the setup and customization of the tool.

Performance Enhancement: Customers benefit from bi-monthly meetings with a dedicated marketing expert to evaluate performance and ensure the utilization of every available optimization method, all aimed at maximizing results.

Content Resources: Clients are granted access to a vast library of social media templates, marketing emails, and other content resources.

24/7 Support: A team is available around the clock, providing assistance via email and offering comprehensive “Done for You” options.

SaaS clients commit to a 6-month initial contract, after which they transition to a month-to-month basis. It’s worth noting that they seldom discontinue services after the initial contract period. Conversely, the recently introduced development contract spans at least two years and showcases remarkable potential, eliciting significant customer interest.

No marketing is performed other than the company generating leads via its own tool. Growth has been achieved primarily through referral, presenting vast scale potential through aggressive sales and marketing efforts.

The typical customer is a small company that is B2B focused with between 1 and 4 salespeople. They have a lifetime value exceeding $10,000.

The owner primarily focuses on department management and assisting with agency clients. The company is run by an adept team that works in the following capacities:

  • CTO and Development Contract Leader
  • SaaS Division Leader
  • Agency Client Leader
  • Admin Support
  • Client Success Coach.

Few special skills are required of a buyer besides sales expertise or willingness to hire staff to fill sales roles. A working knowledge of digital marketing would be valuable but optional, and the seller is willing to stay on and assist with strategy.

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Technology Business Brokers

WC 3217

Asking Price
$ 1,490,000
Cash Flow
$ 303,827
Gross Income
$ 841,983
Year Established

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