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Growing B2B Canadian eCommerce Provider of Custom Products, including Face Masks, Face Guards, Hand Sanitizer, Decals and more


Website Closers® presents a dynamic eCommerce retailer that has years of experience in the printed apparel industry. A stunningly profitable brand focused on custom branded products including face masks, face guards, hand sanitizer, sales decals, floor decals and more, this proven competitor has made a name for itself and its quality products throughout the pandemic. During the past year, this brand quickly established itself as the top Canadian provider of custom apparel for high-quality personal protective masks, generating close to $100,000 in gross revenue per month by the summer of 2020. Perfectly positioned for staggering growth this company’s strong supply chains and flexible printing services could be impactfully redirected to provide wholesale and direct to consumer custom apparel, decals, and signage for any occasion.

The brand’s tremendous B2B strategy quickly brought them more than 1,000 repeat corporate buyers, eager not only for their custom printed face masks with branding, but their guaranteed rapid delivery time of just 7 days. This incomparable model could reach incredible new heights across a multitude of categories in the hands of a business minded buyer.

Orders are typically made in bulk and their compelling capacity for intricate custom printing has delivered a solid repeat sales rate along with reliably increasing orders for apparel, hand sanitizer, and signage. Particularly appealing to businesses looking for creative ways to boost their corporate image over the long term and companies who are just starting to drive awareness, this brand has limitless opportunity to scale.

While this brand is fully Canadian-owned, sourced, and operated, one of the biggest scale opportunities readily available to the incoming owner would be to begin marketing in the United States, UK, and EU as well. By establishing relationships with large corporations internationally, this company could secure a plethora of incredibly lucrative buyers that, like those in Canada, keep coming back.

This company originally spent years operating one of Canada’s leading apparel printers, which enabled the owner to develop a close working relationship with thousands of businesses. When the pandemic hit, the brand refocused on unique and proprietary face masks, face shields, floor stickers, and other printed Covid-19 related products. With the ability to design and print the masks within days, this online company quickly became a leader in custom PPE products targeted to the business community, and rapidly transformed that into more than 50% YOY gross product margins that could be easily redirected back into printed apparel, bags, and much more for both consumers and businesses.

With an extremely high average contract price of $1,100, and strong yearly sales growth, this company’s revenues soared within just a few months. Capitalizing on the Covid demand, this brand offers several mask options with different features for both adults and kids, where customers can choose the mask they want and customize it with their logo by uploading their artwork online and approving a mockup before the masks get printed.

The minimum order is 15 masks, while they have no maximum order size. Each of the branded mask models have size and color variation and can carry the logos for businesses, corporations, schools, and teams, or simply art of the buyer’s choosing. Other SKUs provided by this brand include custom hand sanitizer, face shields that can be either blank or branded, and other printed products such as floor stickers for sales and directions. This convenient and lucrative framework allows for tremendous growth through the creation of other branded apparel items, accessory items, and more.

This business carries a multitude of reseller connections as well that can be transitioned seamlessly as demand ebbs and flows.

The company’s amazing growth has been entirely organic, having relied on SEO optimization through weekly blogs and product posts on Facebook and Instagram to generate word of mouth awareness and sales. With undeniable success, this strategy has led to an average of 4,000 unique monthly visitors and more than 1,000 corporate clients who range from restaurants to Fortune 500 companies.

The brand’s remarkable success is reflected in the fact that it has 100% 5-Star Google Reviews and has never been asked to refund a customer due to dissatisfaction or complaints about quality. In addition to their unimpeachable integrity and quality, this business has been widely recognized for their speedy delivery that work in tandem to deliver this brand’s unmatched returning customer rate.

This online business is owner operated, demanding only 4 weekly hours on average with tasks that focus mainly on administrative needs and customer service. The ownership’s primary responsibilities include handling inventory, emailing orders to 3rd party contracted printers or the apparel manufacturers, arranging shipping labels, and contacting clients regarding inquiries or sales orders.

Additional growth could be achieved through a strategic SKU expansion, custom logo marketing, and emphasis on branded hand sanitizers as well as other convenient swag items such as notepads, pens, bags, computer cases and more. Incorporating a designer plugin on the site would allow customers to design their own items and could also prove appealing for direct to consumer sales.

Since this brand has not invested any capital in marketing, investing in PPC ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram is a promising path to dramatically escalate the client base and consumer awareness. Similarly creating a presence, both organic and paid, on both LinkedIn and Twitter could prove extremely profitable for their broad B2B reach. It may be wise to utilize email marketing campaigns as well, focusing on the creation of a regular newsletter to build a much larger, actively engaged audience. There are also enormous opportunities to expand into international markets through targeted advertising and social media posts, which could be used to establish relationships with global corporations.

While the company currently sells only through its own website, there is the potential for sales growth with channel diversification efforts. Expanding onto other top eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, Walmart and Target, along with extending their reach beyond corporate clients and resellers to include retail buyers as well, could result in exponential growth. While this company’s branded products are now purchased by companies and institutions, there are likely millions of individual customers eager to express themselves in a custom printed media.

Fully optimized for strategic growth, this opportunity has already demonstrated dynamic adaptability in growing to 50% net margins in a short period of time with no hired staff. Their sales have held steady with operations humming smoothly to drive incredible profitability at minimal overhead cost. Consistently maintaining high margins, the company has focused on recurring business-to-business sales that can be easily scaled through improved marketing along with their widely applicable framework that can be impactfully repurposed as market demand shifts. A leading proprietary brand with numerous, invaluable corporate contracts, this acquisition is in just the right place for a new owner to quickly scale for jaw dropping, sustainable growth.

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