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Growing Membership Based Program with 8,000+ Active Subs – Includes Courses on Meditation, Yoga and Self-Healing, Community Support & Connection and Exclusive Product Offerings in Positive Thinking – 35% Net Income

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Website Closers® presents an impeccable feel-good Digital Brand that’s ready and waiting for an enterprising buyer to springboard off the foundation that they’ve laid out. They are a member-only company that is designed to help their users implement affirmations into their daily self-talk, which promotes heightened self-esteem and improved physical, mental, and emotional health.

Members can join by paying a subscription of $14.95 every month, which grants them unlimited private membership access to their line of products, videos, and content. This content, like the brand themselves, is intended to help members create their best life experience through affirmation and an improved sense of positivity within themselves. They also receive 70% off the retail value of the thousands of SKUs that the brand has to offer, saving them money during their positivity journey on products they can’t find elsewhere, as 95% of the company’s products are sold under their own brand name.

The company has rapidly positioned themselves as a promising, up-and-coming membership-based website through their steadily growing membership count. Their SKU count now sits at over 2,000 products, of which there are 600 specialized SKUs, that are made to promote positive thinking and wellness, and they have also recently released digital affirmation content that features yoga and meditation routines.

Their Repeat Order Rate has reached 14% and is continuing to grow with every member that finds the business. Their climbing membership count has been fueled by their excellent social media marketing skills, which have led to an average monthly rate of over 40,000 unique visitors to their website. They’re also able to effectively engage with their existing consumer base by marketing to the over 30,000 subscribers they have in their email database.

The brand recognized that there was a demand among the public for positive thinking, a sense of healing, and connection and community with like-minded people, and was able to provide that in spades. They have successfully created a membership-based market for their unique wellness products, which help their customers feel more in touch with themselves and their well-being as they go about their day-to-day lives.

Though their immense number of products have great consumer appeal, their membership subscription service is popular enough to generate 80% of their total revenue. The brand now has over 8,000 members to their name and continues to welcome roughly 1,200 more every month. They have built a community around their brand that is interested in feeling better about their lives, coping with any challenges that might come their way, and being part of a larger network. These perks combined have given them a breathtaking 330% year-over-year (YOY) growth rate.

Consumers around the world have taken a much stronger interest in the wellness market in recent years. Studies show that 79% of people recognize the importance of fitness, nutrition, their appearance, and their overall physical and mental health. Additionally, many consumers have recently come to realize that if they need help with their self-care journey, there is now a diverse range of products and services available for them to choose from.

By taking a look at the company’s history, it’s possible to see just how poised they are to take advantage of this market growth.

This company was launched with a mission.

The company was launched with the goal of improving their customers’ inner peace, which they have accomplished through their strong membership-based model and hundreds of products. Their extensive SKU count means their customers can choose from a wide variety of products, which include essential oils, jewelry, clothing, household products, home décor, meditation and yoga content, and more, many offered at wholesale discount prices.

The brand’s unique product roster has given them an Average Order Value of $15, and a rate of up to 200 orders shipped every day. The success that they’ve seen has also let the brand begin to produce more content for their members, which includes new courses on meditation and yoga.

They attract a diverse demographic, with their average customer falling anywhere between the ages of 30 and 60. These members typically stay on as subscribers for 6 months or more, leading to their Lifetime Customer Value being a healthy $75.

They have built their community on social media.

One of the company’s strengths has been their effective use of social media marketing, which has let them connect with their existing consumer base and bring in no shortage of curious potential customers. They now have over 16,300 followers on Instagram, and over 168,000 on Facebook.

They supplement this strategy by sending their over 30,000 email subscribers weekly blog articles, boosting their flow of organic traffic. The company also runs PPC ads on their social media platforms and on Google and uses SMS messaging to stay in touch with their customer base. These strategies combined have given them a rate of over 40,000 unique visitors to their website every month.

This operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

The current owner requires a light workload of 10 hours every week for this brand, with their daily tasks focusing on managing operations and customer service, launching new ads, and developing new products. Outside of the owner, the company employs a full-time customer service manager who handles daily operations and a VA who oversees operations.

The brand stocks thousands of different SKUs at any given time to keep up with the rate of orders, and they place new orders every month to two months.

This acquisition has achieved spectacular growth through their membership model, and the new wellness-focused content that they’ve released has let them grow even faster by decreasing the churn rate among new members and optimizing their Lifetime Customer Value.

There are several methods they could take to scale, including the launch of an influencer marketing campaign, video marketing on other popular social media sites like TikTok and Snapchat, and expansion onto additional eCommerce platforms such as Amazon.

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Asking Price
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Gross Income
$ 1,500,981
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