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High Growth eCommerce Brand | Scuba Diving Products & Accessories | Proprietary Products | All Organic Traffic | Product Certification (High Barrier to Entry)

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Website Closers® presents a high growth eCommerce Brand in the Scuba Diving Space. Their 8 branded products consist of a mini underwater breathing device and accompanying accessories, all of which enjoy proprietary status. Their products’ exclusivity has proven invaluable for differentiating the brand from their competitors, as they offer unique qualities and capabilities such as a battery-powered, self-refill device that have helped rapidly propelled them to their current success.

Additionally, their device is fully certified, with none of their rivals having their same level of certification. This creates a high barrier to entry and makes their products a top pick for those looking for the best possible safety standards for their dive. These qualities have given the company an Average Order Value (AOV) of $469 and led to their 2024 fiscal year sales being over 3.5 times greater than 2023.

Business Broker Takeaways

1. Entirely Organic Marketing. The company’s marketing strategy has been entirely organic thus far, requiring no paid ads or email marketing tactics. Instead, they rely heavily on social media to attract new customers. Where principal competitors like Smaco, Scorpio and Oxsea have a few thousand followers on their social media accounts, this brand has 865,000 on Instagram, 80,000 on Facebook, and 15,700 on YouTube. Their lightweight marketing strategy has proven to be very successful for the brand, generating around 316,000 visitors to their website, every month.

2. International Sales. The company is set up to ship internationally, allowing them to benefit from each region’s summer season throughout the calendar year. The business can be operated from anywhere, providing an opportunity to move the current shipping base to a more centralized region. This coupled with increasing investments in marine tourism infrastructure, makes this market an excellent opportunity for the company to investigate.

3. Diverse Revenue Potential. While the brand’s sales are exclusively through the branded website, they have the opportunity to pursue new storefronts for stronger, diversified revenue. They could look into retail expansion to appeal to customers who prefer to do their shopping in person and explore the various B2B opportunities that are available to their product line. Some larger customers that the brand could market to include the pool industry, yachts, rentals, and defense.

Scale Opportunities

The company’s rapid-fire growth offers an excellent starting point for a buyer to build upon, and by implementing the right strategies, they could carry on their current momentum to soar to even greater heights. Outside of B2B expansion and establishing international distribution, the brand could scale by improving upon their existing marketing campaign.

A buyer could, for instance, strengthen their flow of organic traffic by implementing SEO strategies on their website, and by using the data the company has already been gathering to launch an email marketing campaign. Given the success of the brand with organic marketing alone, it’s likely that, by introducing paid marketing campaigns, they could quickly see significant growth and ensure their brand reaches more eyes than ever before.

Marketing isn’t the only strategy that they could pursue, however. As the company is currently owner-operated with no other employees, they could facilitate easier growth and more streamlined operations by hiring new workers. They could hire active sales reps to improve their profits, bring on a social media manager or customer service agent to maintain brand/buyer relations, and even introduce AI automation to save time by handling certain tasks.

Finally, as with many other eCommerce brands, the company could grow by adding new industry relevant products.


This deal has skyrocketed since their launch, and as the market in which they operate is forecasted for substantial international growth, the right buyer could see this brand develop into a top name in the industry. Their substantial social media following, proprietary product line, and strong qualifications set them apart from their rivals, and, with new employees and an improved distribution system, a buyer could streamline operations and give themselves more time to focus on scaling.

If you’d like to take a deep dive into the details of this brand and everything it has to offer, then please contact Website Closers for more information today.

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WC 3395

Asking Price
$ 5,610,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,193,506
Gross Income
$ 2,641,320
Year Established

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