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High Growth, Patented eCommerce Brand in the Home Bedding Vertical – Amazon FBA Brand – 50% Growth Projection for 2023 – Top 100 Amazon Brand

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Website Closers® presents a rare and outstanding opportunity to take the reins of an eCommerce Brand in the Bedding Sector that has brought in $79 million in revenue over the past five years, enjoyed impressive year over year growth, and is on trend for much more growth in 2023. Current ownership is eager to find a business partner to take this company to the next level, but also open to staying onboard as strategic partners to help guide the company to even greater profitability.

This brand is the brainchild of a serial entrepreneur and a manufacturing expert with a talent for developing high quality products in nice verticals. They have two patents in place for their bedding products, which were made available to consumers on the largest eCommerce site in the world for revenue,

The rising popularity and rank of their products has enabled the brand to quickly find their audience and attract converting traffic and highly enthusiastic customer reviews. Now six years into operation, the company has achieved a 4.9 Seller Rating on Amazon, with a reputation for superior products and a strong customer service team for customers seeking a great night’s sleep. The current offering showcases 15 SKUs and an Average Order Value of $140.

With a highly automated business and daily operations run by a team of experienced virtual assistants, the current ownership has devoted recent months to strategizing a major growth plan for the coming year. The plan, which includes an expansion of sales channels, an increased marketing effort to wholesale accounts as well as and expanding sales internationally, is projected to increase revenue by an additional $23 million next year.

It’s important to note that this offering, run by two owners who have launched several companies together through the years, has a strong foundation in place to streamline growth and build efficiently. Truly, it has barely scratched the surface of its full potential. Management’s experience and relationships with big box stores, for their other companies, will give them a head start entering Walmart, Wayfair, Overstock, and others – which the current ownership is in the process of putting into place now.

The owners are eagerly looking for a business partner who can take this brand to new levels of profitability, and they are open to remaining on as strategic partners to help guide and/or support the new owner along the way. This is an unbeatable opportunity for a buyer to walk in just as the business is positioned to expand rapidly.

Home bedding remains a recession-resilient industry, since one thing everyone across the globe shares is a desire to enjoy a good night’s sleep, and the most comfortable one possible. Massive amounts of disposable income is spent finding products that will help customers do just that, and those products are in high demand not just among individuals and homeowners, but within multiple commercial sectors as well.

As this industry continues to expand, this is one company that has already demonstrated an ability to quickly dominate key segments of the market.

Launched in 2017 primarily as an Amazon Business, the company was conceived by two strong leaders in their own rights. One, a manufacturer with a mechanical engineering background and a reputation as a prolific inventor with 25 patents, and the other, a strategic operator with experience growing multimillion dollar eCommerce companies since 2007, including a particularly strong talent for building strong Amazon Brands.

As proof of the capabilities of these two titans, within 12 months, the company became a top 100 Amazon Seller. A product offering that includes multiple sizes and colors, plus a soon-to-launch price-points play, will ensure that all customers can find what they need in one brand. Two enforceable patents will also ensure the products are well protected from the pressures of competitors. Not only does an investor in this business get an unbelievable brand with strong, hard-to-achieve ranking on the Amazon platform that is ready for worldwide scale, but also tangentially the ability to partner up with two very strong individuals to grow this business (and perhaps any companies already in the investor’s portfolio).

As a luxury brand provider with sales in the U.S., their products are sourced from one of the owner’s factories and no single SKU dominates profits. Their top-selling product represents 40% of their gross revenue, compared to 16% for the next highest seller and 13% for the third highest. As orders have soared in recent years, the company typically maintains up to $8 million in inventory to avoid getting understocked, and they have a reputation for quick deliveries through Fulfillment By Amazon.

While the company sees its profits spike during the holiday season, they enjoy sales year-round and are not a seasonal business. Summer is another time when sales increase at a healthy pace.

Using Seller Central and Amazon Prime, the company has effectively launched Sponsored Ads on the site to reach their target audience and drive sales higher, which allows the company to easily create new marketing programs. Right now, several new programs are in the works.

The company is in the process of launching a new product line offering quality products at a lower cost, enabling them to compete with rival businesses that sell at a discounted price. They project being able to quickly rank high on Amazon within this new product category since their reputation and glowing reviews will be a strong marketing tool for them.

The company has a Shopify website which is being fine tuned to start handling sales as well. PPC ads on Google could provide the same benefit to the site’s search rankings and adding an SEO program and blog on their website would also effectively expand their audience.

They are also planning to target new retailers and big box stores to market their products in their brick-and-mortar shops, and the company knows how to make these growth strategies work. In fact, the owners have executed each one on other brands in the past, with excellent results, and they have high confidence that each scale option will deliver similar results in 2023.

Post-acquisition, the owners would prefer to continue running the business using their expertise in operations and manufacturing, bringing to this company a high skill level for ensuring continued success. Since their team of virtual assistants handles daily operations, the current ownership is seeking a business partner eager to grow their portfolio based on their unique skills.

This is a business that requires no office space and can be run remotely anywhere in the world.

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Asking Price
$ 80,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 9,428,228
Gross Income
$ 71,000,000
Year Established

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