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High Growth Pet Services Brand – Offering Puppy Placement Services to Families for 7 Years – 20% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents a heartwarming business that understands the love and passion people have for their pets. This puptastic website platform has spent the past 7 years successfully matching adorable puppies with families eager to find a new member of the family.  This company offers a wide variety of breeds, from Chihuahuas and Chow Chows to French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. Leveraging their strategically designed website and social media presence, this company draws incomparable consumer attention.

Utilizing a plethora of adorable photos has worked exceptionally well for this audience. The company typically has 120 puppies available for adoption at any given time, and with an average order value of $9,000, this translates to incredible profit margins with very little in the way of working capittal. Appealing effectively to a wide audience, the brand receives an average of 400+ customer contacts a day.  The business has earned glowing reviews from customers who are not only excited about the pet they just adopted, but have high praise for this company’s first-rate customer service along with their clean and well-maintained facility. This professional customer service has resulted in a growing Repeat Order Rate.

The brand has truly developed a fantastic reputation with their pet-loving customer base within a booming industry that keeps getting larger. Total pet market sales have steadily increased in the U.S. over recent years, with U.S. retail sales of pet products and services reaching $107 billion in 2020, up 9% over 2019. Families can be passionate about their pets and have spent in excess of $42 billion on pet food alone in 2020, while veterinary care brought in revenue of $31 billion last year.

With such a large base to market to, this brand has exceptionally vast growth opportunities available to it. Since the brand’s website has already driven enormous sales from the photos posted daily of new puppies looking for a home, it’s clear that this company fully understands how to sniff out their target market and could continue growing with their services and industry.

This has been operated as a family-owned and operated business since originally launched in August 2014. Since inception, they had one simple mission: to offer a high level of customer service and match puppies with the right families … and giving pets a loving home. The company holds itself to the highest standards when it comes to selecting the breeders of the puppies they market, and to the homes they are placed in. The company has developed unshakable connections with breeders that maintain the highest standards and strive to provide as much information as possible to those families looking to adopt a pet.

The company has done a phenomenal job, not only at maintaining these high standards, but also at building a customer base that appreciates the quality of the puppies they sell along with their exceptional customer service. The company has developed a solid customer demographic of both men and women across the spanning age range of 18 to 64.

The company’s website plays a critical role in their success. The site has been guiding customers with key information and content, including care needs and personality traits of the specific breeds they offer to families. Utilizing a heart-melting video gallery in high resolution of each puppy available to purchase, financing options available for customers who may be interested in securing a loan, and even a popular “I Found A New Home” page that shows each happy puppy that has been adopted. These pages serve an important role for the company in keeping their customers fully engaged.

The brand also has a “Puppy Finder” page for those families looking for a specific breed that is not currently available. This company will do its best to find a puppy in that breed and then go the extra mile to ensure that it is healthy and ready for adoption. Although the brand sells multiple breeds, there is no one breed that makes up more than 5% of overall sales and no other concentrations risks to speak of.

The company’s marketing efforts have been enormously successful. Understanding just how photogenic puppies are, the brand has built up a strong social media base, which has resulted in extraordinary organic traffic to their website.

The brand uses SEO in combination with a highly trafficked blog on their website to effectively drive visitors to the site. The company has a stunning email database of more than 60,000 unique customers, which has helped their email marketing efforts and increased the percentage of repeat customers which now stands at a steadily rising 20%.

The brand leverages paid display ads on social media sites through the Google Search Network along with boosted videos posted on YouTube. Extending their video use onto TikTok and Instagram along with enhanced keyword marketing on all social media sites could dramatically increase sales as well.

The brand buys new breeds on a weekly basis, and stocks up to $250,000 worth of breeds. Sales have remained steady throughout the year and seasonality has not been a factor. The company now receives a tremendous 400+ customer service contacts each day.

This is a brand uniquely positioned for rapid growth. Part of that can be accomplished through an expansion of the company’s flagship store, including opening new locations, and making the shop available for franchise opportunities. There are also great options to scale through eCommerce offerings in pet toys, pets delivered, and pet food subscriptions.

This business has multiple industry ties to key financial service providers, veterinary clinics, retailers marketing pet products, and pet services that include training, boarding, and grooming. This company could tap into that by offering new eCommerce services to customers, such veterinary services, financial services, or pet training.

The current owner now spends about 5 hours per week on this business, with primary tasks that include overseeing financials and strategizing for future growth opportunities. While their employees run the daily operations of their main store, contractors are used for both SEO and for website management.

This is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of an immensely successful business that operates within the profitable pet services vertical, which continues to grow and is valued in the billions. Operating on a terrific foundation that has earned them an excellent reputation for matching families with healthy and loving pets, customer service that is second to none, and ancillary services that include helping families find specific breeds of dog (and matching them with financial assistance) this business has massive growth opportunities for a fortunate buyer and will not last long at market – we recommend that you jump quickly if interested.

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$ 17,000,000
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$ 4,957,193
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$ 7,445,012
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