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Hollywood Science Fiction Museum | $7M in Asset Value (Props, Sets, Costumes and Memorabilia) | 288,000+ Social Media Followers | Highly Sought After Collectibles

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Website Closers® presents an assets sale from a closing non-profit museum dedicated to the history of Hollywood Science Fiction movies. The museum is in the process of dissolving and closing its doors, prompting the launch of this valuable asset sale. This museum contains more than $7 million in props, sets, costumes and related memorabilia from such blockbuster film franchises as Star Trek, Star Wars, Robocop, The Terminator, and many others.

The asset sale includes additional valuable offerings, including six website domains, an email database with 9,690+ followers, and eight social media platforms with a combined 288,766 followers.

The museum also launched an education component that included Daily Makeup Classes demonstrating the process of creating special effects; classes, lectures, film screenings, and games available daily; space available for rentals, live theatre and music events, and rooms for weddings and private parties.

The museum’s organizers do not plan to renew their lease at their Santa Monica property and are looking to sell a massive list of props, costumes, and memorabilia from well-known science fiction and horror movies.

This 501c3 non-profit based in the Los Angeles area was launched in 2012 by fans of TV’s Stark Trek show with the simple goal of restoring the Star Trek Enterprise-D Bridge touring set created by Paramount Studios, with the hope of giving it to a museum. When no museum expressed interest in the set, the Star Trek fans banded together and created their own museum, and it soon expanded to include other popular science fiction franchises, as well as a Horror Museum focused on popular cinematic scare films.

The museum’s assets are likely to grow in value over the years, as movie memorabilia items usually do. The collectibles industry is a massive one, estimated at $462 billion in 2023. A subset of that, the global TV and movie memorabilia market, is especially vibrant, as enthusiasts and collectors are constantly hunting for rare artifacts from their favorite entertainment properties, seeking out legendary props, costumes, toys, and other items associated with popular films.

The actual value of these items has increased significantly in recent years as items are now easy to find on eCommerce sites and through Internet auctions or platforms such as eBay. With the seller’s ability to prove authenticity, these items are in high demand and bring in exceptionally high bids.

These items could also be valuable to other museums. There are scores of movie museums across the globe devoted to entertaining film enthusiasts, and they include The Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles, The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY, and The Cinema Museum in London.

This museum’s list of assets spans a wide number of movies that were huge box office hits or have developed cult followings, including Lord of the Rings, Planet Of The Apes, The Shining, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and many others. Collectively, these items are estimated to have a total value in excess of $7 million,, while individuals items can sell for anywhere from $500 to $600,000.

For an investor who would like to revive the science fiction museum, everything needed to make it a reality is available in this asset sale. That investor would find that the museum’s social media following is another significant asset to a future business or museum related to movie history and memorabilia. The museum was able to build up a collection of nearly 300,000 followers on its social media pages, which include a Facebook page on the Enterprise Bridge Restoration (which has 97,000+ followers), Instagram (37,000+ followers on both a science fiction and separate horror page), Twitter (79,000+ horror fans and 8,400 sci-fi fans), and Kickstarter (3,671 followers).

These social media platforms are an invaluable source of organic traffic and digital marketing for any investor who purchases these assets and then uses them for a new business, whether it’s focused on history, or selling movie memorabilia.

Asset sales also offer a strong proposition to the buyer. An asset sale carries less risk for a buyer since typically any liabilities associated with the seller, such as outstanding debts and contingent expenses, remain the seller’s sole responsibility.

Please note that this asset sale includes all items as a complete package. We are not considering offers for individual assets or piecemeal sales. Thank you for your understanding.

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