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Inc5000 Online Quiz Platform with Emmy Award Winning Writers – Premium Subscriptions – 1 Billion Annual Pageviews – 60% Returning User Rate – Automated Ad Buying Tech – Custom CMS that Ensures Traffic Scale & ROI


Website Closers® presents a unique publishing house that has entertained millions with their online quizzes, leading to a high level of engagement with their users and more than 1 billion page views each year. More importantly, this thriving media business has become a leader in monetizing viewers coming onto their site for free with the use of digital ads that drive their revenue. At a time when companies are allocating a higher percentage of their market budget to digital channels, website banner ads and native display ads have become enormously lucrative. Digital ads enable a company to reach a much wider audience than they ever anticipated, and to target the kind of users they want. Having more than 1 billion page views is exactly what this brand’s advertisers are looking for.

But there’s a lot more to this company’s success than simply posting an online quiz and putting display ads around it. The company took the editorial aspects of their business very seriously, in the process giving customers something that was unique, challenging, and invigorating. That helped drive viewer engagement, which in turn made the placement of display ads on their site considerably more attractive and profitable.

Launched in 2016, this site brought together several people with experience in the digital publishing field who recognized the potential for a site focused on providing users with a series of unique quizzes. People have long been drawn to these types of tests, finding they can help unlock things about ourselves that they didn’t know, and it helps give people a better sense of how they relate to others. Everything from the colors you like to your choice in friends can offer multiple insights into how our brains click, which is people are fascinated by them.

Understanding from the start that the quality of their content would determine how successfully they developed a following. They knew that expertly written content brings visitors in and keeps them coming back, which is why they hired an editorial team with experience writing within the trivia industry. Their goal was to avoid getting bogged down in routine content so they hired writers from the popular mobile game show HQ Trivia and others who could write tests that would stand out.

It worked entirely as they had envisioned.

Now, 25 to 30 quizzes are published weekly, and they have more than 2,400 quizzes and more than 80,000+ unique questions in their content library. This content, of course, is entirely evergreen, and it’s easy to combine questions into new, unique quizzes that create an endless supply of content. This has helped to keep users coming back again and again for more, and the brand enjoys a user retention rate that’s been growing by 10 % every year. Their quiz categories now include history, science, DIY, sports, entertainment, geography,  survival and general knowledge; because the quizzes were written to be both educational and entertaining, some of their quizzes have been taken multiple times by the same users, which has become a great source of word of mouth advertising for them.

Their content is marketed across a range wide of popular online platforms, including Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, Quora and numerous native ad networks.

At the end of each quiz, visitors are invited to become free members by providing their email and a password and to receive their quiz of the day emails, which encourages those visitors to keep coming back.

That web traffic is monetized in two ways. Display ads surround each quiz, and the brand earns revenue when website visitors click on and view display, native, video and direct ads on their site.  They currently have 19 demand partners, or advertisers that pay to display ads on their website.

Second, the brand has a Premium version of their site, which users can subscribe to that offer additional perks. The brand benefits from its automated advertising management platforms, where ad campaign bids and budgets are automatically adjusted multiple times a day based on real-time ROI performance.

The brand’s marketing efforts have been highly successful in driving traffic to their website. Their email newsletter now has 118,000+ active subscribers and nearly 600,000+ total subscribers, while both social media and SEO have contributed as well.

Their team of writers continuously writes engaging content daily while their ad campaigns support organic growth. More than 4 billion of their questions have been answered and there have been 200 million sessions on their site. For their advertisers, those are impressive numbers that make it crystal clear how advantageous it is to advertise on this site.

By automating their ad campaign optimization, they were able to take the manual labor out of the ad buying process. Since then, that automation has enabled the team to earn more than three times the revenue they get.

With fast-rising profits from both ad revenue and premium subscriptions, the company has some unique growth strategies it could follow. The brand is already looking at new traffic sources such as TiKTok and Snapchat as well as improved ways of scaling on large traffic sources such as Google.

The company could expand into a whole new series of personality quizzes since these categories tend to generate huge monthly visits on similar sites.

The company could scale using traffic from Google AdWords, and also expand its reach internationally. That could include not just English-speaking countries but also an expansion into Asian markets where their content could be translated into Mandarin and Japanese, and into the South and Central American markets with translations into Spanish and Portuguese. It’s been estimated that this expansion would open their audience up to an additional 2 billion people.

The company could expand its premium subscriptions, allow user-generated quizzes to be added to their site, and integrate new gamification features to engage viewers.

In the world of online publishing, digital advertising remains king. This brand took that a step further by focusing on the highest quality content possible, rather than simply having any old content. That’s helped this company to cultivate a highly engaged audience which makes advertising with them far more appealing.

This is a fully automated business, but one that still has plenty of growth potential. The current owners are available to assist the buyer in this transition, devoting as much time as necessary to integrate their system into the new company, with a training and transition period projected at about three months.

That gives a fortunate buyer a terrific opportunity to get the system fully in place before starting the process of raising profitability levels considerably higher.

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