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Industry Leading Firearm Parts & Accessories eCommerce Brand for the Build it Yourself Customer – Massive Near Term Scale – Loyal Customer Base

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Website Closers® presents a scaling 8-year-old brand in the Build Your Own Firearms Niche. Offering firearm parts and accessories to an avid and growing customer base, the business allows customers to buy a wide variety or products and kits to build their own firearms from the comfort of their home – all with parts that have been thoroughly tested by this company. With a product line of over 113 SKUs, it has grown to become the largest retailer of pre-cursor receivers and part kits in America. They’ve brought in well over $29 million in Sales to date, and sales are expected to enjoy even stronger growth alongside a rising demand for firearms.

Their large and diverse number of SKUs mean that customers have little trouble finding everything they might need for their next firearm project. Whether they’re interested in putting together a 1911 from scratch, or just looking to pick up a few replacement parts for their Sig Sauer, it’s a good bet that the brand will have what they need. Their Glock Compatible Lower Parts Kit has seen especially strong popularity among customers, making up 20% of all sales, though the rest of their products see no shortage of demand either.

A big selling point of the products is that, if a customer chooses to build their firearm from scratch, they don’t have to deal with the paperwork, background checks, and other legal hoops that they would have to jump through if they bought a complete one at a store. Additionally, the brand is a proud owner of the design patent for the 80-P320 Compatible Insert MUP-1, letting them offer something that can’t be found at their competitors.

Their key demographic is made up largely of men between the ages of 25 and 50. These men tend to be firearm owners, collectors, hunters, and even DIY enthusiasts with an interest in taking on their newest building project. These hobbyists are also less inclined to stop at just one firearm or kit, as they tend to have collections that they’re interested in growing. The brand has cultivated an incredible Average Order Value of $280 USD thanks to this demographic, along with many glowing 5-star reviews on their website.

Over the years, their customer base has become both very strong and very loyal. They have a staggeringly large email database of more than 116,900 contacts, which is used to send two emails per month to subscribers about new products and other company updates. Their Average Monthly Visits to their website exceeds 321,000+, which is helped by their excellent SEO tactics in their product descriptions, and in their on-site blog. This blog discusses political and legislative issues centered on gun ownership, how to build a DIY firearm from scratch, and other topics tailored to the brand’s audience.

The best indicator of their popularity can be found on their social media platforms. Their Instagram account has a remarkable 10,200+ follower count, thanks to the website making it easy to share and showcase pictures of their products, along with other posts relevant to their customers. They also have an active affiliates marketing campaign on YouTube, which sees a fair amount of interest from different DIY home builder groups and communities.

The brand’s sales are now strong enough that they ship more than 500 products per day from their 4,000 square foot warehouse facility. Depending on the season and other factors, the company can stock up to $3 million in inventory levels to handle the overwhelming demand for their products. Even outside of peak seasons, they must place new orders every 2 to 4 weeks to keep up with the number of orders they get on a day-to-day basis.

Though the company is thriving, there are several ways that it could be brought to even greater heights. One proven method would be to diversify their existing SKUs. For instance, they could increase the number of AR-15 parts they have available to people with an interest in that specific rifle. They could add new accessories, such as magazines, custom options for holsters, new colors, and red dot sights. The brand also has three desirable receiver designs that are pending approval, which, upon being cleared, will be an excellent way of increasing profits. They could also utilize their email marketing to upsell these new products to their existing customers, ensuring that they’ll see interest from the moment those SKUs hit the shelves.

Another way to strengthen their customer base would be to improve their presence on social media and spread to other platforms. Increased video marketing on YouTube, and an expansion onto sites such as TikTok, would allow the company to both showcase their products in action, demonstrate how to assemble various kits, and attract a wider audience to their products.

A perk of the business is that it has already been structured in a highly efficient way, leading to the current owner only having to spend 15 to 20 hours per week on operations. Their responsibilities are comprised of maintaining relationships with their suppliers, researching new products, and scheduling trade shows. The rest of the company’s daily operations are handled by an experienced team consisting of three full-time managers for the office, the warehouse, and the production line. The rest of the team consists of ten part-time workers who include warehouse employees and assemblers, along with a pair of customer service representatives to handle the 33+ customer contacts they receive per day. The brand also employs salespeople to attend trade shows to promote the business, and handle wholesale accounts as well.

This acquisition grants buyers the chance to enter the profitable niche of guns and gun accessories. Not only that, but it also targets the rapidly growing demographic of customers who are tired of having to deal with all the paperwork and regulations that come with purchasing a firearm. This business is locked and loaded to see amazing growth in the future, and offers steady revenue, a large and loyal customer base, and a light workload to any buyer lucky enough to snag this deal.

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Asking Price
$ 41,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 10,324,403
Gross Income
$ 34,703,605
Year Established

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