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International 10 Year Business-in-a-Box eLearning Agency – Also Offers Mobile App Development for WordPress Sites – Complete eCommerce Packages – $15,000 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a highly unique business offering a Business-in-a-Box eLearning solution with a multitude of services to introduce a budding entrepreneur into the eCommerce space from the ground up; they have been doing this for an entire decade. The company has staff located worldwide and is the go-to provider of eCommerce turn-key business solutions. They are one of the only companies that offer a complete eCommerce solution package to clients; this is the unique difference that sets them apart from other companies. With over 800 customers worldwide, every client has been provided with a coach or mentor, access to training, advertising, researched business concepts and the sourcing of products to sell through local or offshore suppliers.

This agency that has been operating in its native Australia for the past decade and has tapped into a phenomenally booming market of entrepreneurs who want to launch their own eCommerce store but don’t know where to begin. This company delivers package deals that offers clients, among other things, a great looking website that is fully functional, user-friendly, and ready to start taking orders.

This brand creates complete ecommerce packages from scratch, including a website, in less than 48 hours with minimum set up costs. They research business concepts and will select a niche based on longevity rather than trendy “fad” products.  They are particularly popular with clients that recognize they need help from an experienced consulting firm like this one … who can guide them on how to successfully be their own boss. This agency will find their clients the right products to sell, sourcing local or offshore suppliers based on their needs and availability.  The ability to launch a company, complete with a website, with minimal costs from one central location allows for a quality delivery on a consistent basis.

Beyond the website creation is the business training and coaching this company provides to ensure their clients don’t simply have their own online shop but become a financial success story. That’s certainly what this brand has accomplished, having serviced 800+ clients worldwide.

This agency is certain to have a strong future thanks to the rapid shift within the past few years of more consumers turning to online shopping through their laptop and mobile device. That’s encouraged more people to turn to the internet as a means of launching a business — if they can figure out how to make one work. That puts this company in the driver’s seat, enabling them to appeal to anyone who wants to start an online shop, but needs more than just a website to getting it off the ground.

Because of the quick access to products eCommerce offers to consumers, online shopping is the new worldwide craze, and the statistics are extremely encouraging for aspiring entrepreneurs. The market size of online shopping is projected to reach $4 trillion in 2022, and there are 1.92 billion online shoppers in the world. Today there are as many as 24 million eCommerce stores, which gives this agency a truly immense customer base to tap into.

For a buyer, this is an opportunity to own a highly automated business in the Service Sector within a high demand industry … a fantastic combination.

The company has limited competition. Few other companies offer the kind of comprehensive and complete eCommerce solution packages to customers worldwide as this one does. In fact, this agency is considered the No. 1 provider of eCommerce turnkey business solutions. That’s what sets this organization apart. Their 5 packages include website development, supplier sourcing, social media postings, business training and coaching, paid media set up and management, and product uploads. Every client is provided with a coach or mentor, access to training, advertising, researched business concepts and the sourcing of products to sell. The business believes that no other company offers the level of assistance and 1-on-1 help that this one does, with expert business coaches available for the training sessions.

The agency’s online Training Hub offers 8 modules covering how to get started, how to find suppliers and upload products, what’s needed when it’s time to launch, how to set up social media accounts, and how to handle marketing and Google analytics. With an Average Order Value of $15,000, sales have been robust as new clients continue to seek out their expert services. Business remains steady throughout the year, with a predictable slowdown only around the holidays.

This brand also makes a mobile app. Through a second website, this brand helps clients turn their eCommerce WordPress store into a mobile app, automatically connecting them to the Android and IOS (Apple) stores so each client’s buyers can start using the app within 3 days. The layout and design are user-friendly and created specifically for eCommerce stores to ensure buyers stay engaged. The app also allows the clients to send push notifications to boost their sales and visibility. Clients have given rave reviews to this service that converts their online store into an easy-to-use mobile app.

Their own marketing is very effective. Just as this agency thrives at teaching people how the digital business world works, this brand has effectively used digital marketing to continue building their client base and advancing sales. PPC ads on Google and on Facebook and Instagram have helped to drive traffic to their website, and the agency has a vibrant presence on social media, with 12,000+ Facebook followers and an additional 9,000+ on Instagram. As a result, the company now gets 15,000+ unique monthly visitors to their website.

The company takes advantage of proven SEO techniques with a blog on their website, and there are certainly opportunities to offer some of these additional digital marketing techniques to clients as a way to expand their business. There are additional scale opportunities available to this agency by offering services that provide recurring revenue.

Currently packages are sold with a one-time fee, ranging from 3 months to 12 months. A recurring revenue stream could be added with the introduction of a digital agency within this company to manage their clients’ ads. This is a major expansion opportunity for them.

The boom in eCommerce in recent years, including both the millions of consumers shopping online and the entrepreneurs quickly starting online businesses to service them, has helped boost this agency considerably.

With a staff made up of contractors who are available to stay on post-acquisition, this is a great opportunity for a buyer to take advantage of a highly automated business with a strong future. Contact Website Closers today, and our brokers can outline the many additional benefits this offering provides to a shrewd buyer.

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Asking Price
$ 4,273,000
Cash Flow
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$ 1,692,130
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