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International Agency for eCom Automation & Training Support | Strong Recurring Revenue Stream | 75% Profit Margins | 100k+ Monthly Website Visits

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Website Closers® presents a High Growth Digital Marketing Agency that has grown to become the only Automation & Training Platform that provides Logistical Support to its clients across the European market. The company’s core audience is eCommerce brand owners in Europe; however, the company is working on an expansion into the US marketplace now.

The Company

This company provides extensive automation training and sales funnels for eCommerce companies, which includes high-converting Shopify funnels and stores that enable clients to acquire new customers daily, and an ad campaign management service for Facebook, Google, and YouTube that provides a monthly analysis of their maximum growth points.

This has enabled clients to get a turnkey business that requires a minimal workload and frees up 90% of their workload. With the high demand for these services present all across the globe, the company is enjoying 75% profit margins.

With strong video testimonials from satisfied clients and excellent word-of-mouth referrals, the company is now averaging 100,000+ unique monthly visitors to its website and is perfectly positioned to scale outside of Europe and the United States.

The company itself is highly automated and has all the right systems in place for a large-scale expansion into these bigger markets.

The agency has significant advantages over competitors thanks to the processes they have created within this niche space. Among its many services, the company creates eCommerce websites for customers, provides them with the products to sell, and then uses its logistical arm to DropShip their products, giving customers a shop that practically runs itself.

In the enormously competitive field of eCommerce, this has become a massive selling point for the agency. They are also attracting a growing number of mobile sites operating in the mCommerce (Mobile Commerce) vertical. Ninety-nine percent of their traffic is mobile so their websites and pages are fully optimized. Clients do not need an app to attract mobile shoppers

The agency has over $15,000 in recurring revenue per month and growing while their logistics subscriptions draw $15,000+ per month as well. The company has a welltrained and experienced team that includes several managers overseeing daily operations, so the buyer of this company needs no training on how it operates, only a basic understanding of eCommerce.

Both the company’s automation training arm and its logistic wing can be operated anywhere across the globe, which is why the business model stands out in the current market and is currently poised to launch in the U.S., which could enable a new owner based in the states to more than double the business within a year, sending profits skyrocketing.

The Need

A fast-growing number of new eCommerce businesses are being created to service and facilitate the growth of other online stores, and this company, launched four years ago, wisely recognized that automation and logistics would be in sky-high demand as the number of new online businesses expands rapidly.

The brand’s automation training website allows interested customers to book a call to get more details, which has proven highly effective in bringing on new clients. The company also generates steady recurring revenues from memberships in its online community group, which is also growing quickly. The company is now the biggest agency in Italy offering automation.

Their fulfillment service has made the company the only logistics company in Europe founded by a team with experience in Dropshipping and as performance marketers, capable of providing fast and reliable logistics solutions that help eCommerce companies grow their audience.

Competition across Europe has been minimal, with similar agencies earning just a fifth of what this agency brings in regularly.


An experienced team is managing daily operations, and this agency has become not only more turnkey but far more efficient. Originally the company maintained 40 employees but has been able to reduce that to 12 contractors whose work is overseen by professional managers. The current owner works as little as 2 hours each day running the company, which mainly consists of managing the existing automation customers.

With all complex tasks now managed by this competent team, the new owner would have the luxury of enjoying recurring revenues while focusing on scaling the business. The new owner also gets the benefit of the company’s effective marketing strategy. That includes video marketing on YouTube and Facebook, which continues to generate 80% of the brand’s sales. An email database of 20,000+ subscribers enables the company to upsell existing clients to additional services. That email list is now generating 10% of the agency’s sales.

The remaining 10% is coming to them organically. Their organic traffic is boosted by their social media campaigns which include 16,000+ Instagram followers, which have helped to advance this team’s reputation as specialists in automation and logistics. Sales are also driven higher by the company’s active affiliate program which pays its affiliates 30% of the sale from each new customer brought on, or one month of free agency management. The agency is now focusing on launching an affiliate campaign for its logistics website, with the aim of onboarding 500+ new customers without the need for a costly ad spend. They also drive upsells through their popular informational webinars.

While the majority of this agency’s clients are in Italy, their customer base is starting to expand to additional countries across Europe, while their proven services are easy to replicate in large countries including the U.S. This represents a massive scale opportunity for a buyer. At a time when new eCommerce stores are coming online daily, many of them lacking the skills to create an automated business or to effectively manage logistics, this brand’s methods are ideal for capturing a sizeable market in the U.S.

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Asking Price
$ 6,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,555,000
Gross Income
$ 2,630,000
Year Established

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