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International eCommerce Brand – Rolling Skates, Hardware & Accessories – Custom & Proprietary Skate Designs – 21% Repeat Order Rate – $250 AOV – DTC & B2B

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Website Closers® presents a global roller-skating eCommerce brand that has quickly gained a loyal following in the local and international community. The company sells skates, accessories, and apparel.

Core products are sourced from Asian factories that manufacture customized designs exclusively for the brand. Some accessories and small items are procured from other manufacturers to add to the catalog of 30 SKUs.

The business uses a 100% stock inventory model and orders between two and three times annually. Standard payment terms of a 30%-50% deposit and the remainder on completion apply.

Much of the brand’s growth has been organic. It has benefited from word-of-mouth referrals, plenty of positive reviews and feedback online, and existing customers in the community who tend to promote them in person and on social media.

Still, management has effectively used digital marketing and continues to refine strategies.

Social media is a critical component. Around 30% of online sales are driven by Facebook and Instagram. A dedicated staff member posts to a following of over 18,000 people four times weekly and replies to all comments and messages expediently. At pertinent times, the company implements paid Facebook ads to drive promotions.

Additionally, the business pays close attention to SEO. The team reviews pages and product descriptions quarterly to optimize for keywords, publishes SEO-geared content on its blog, and looks for quality backlink opportunities—tracking progress monthly.

Google Ads campaigns are also used in addition to some other methods, which include:

  • Monthly or Twice-Monthly Newsletters
  • A Monthly Podcast with over 5,000 downloads
  • A YouTube channel with over 1,000 subscribers
  • A Quarterly Free Magazine
  • Paid Magazine Ads at Key Times
  • A Sponsored Skate Team
  • Event Attendance
  • Influencer Arrangements

The typical customer is a woman between 18 and 55 who is happy to spend more for a quality product. In addition, the company has 20 domestic wholesale accounts and various international channels.

Three distributors in New Zealand, Indonesia, and the US look after 2, 2, and 22 shops, respectively. Three European shops and others in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia also stock the brand’s products.

Currently, around 70% of revenue is derived from wholesale and 30% from retail.

The original Australian market makes up the majority of customers. The brand has developed a loyal customer base locally, and it has become one of, if not, the most popular roller skate brands in the country. New Zealand accounts for a small portion of the market but is also loyal, given the geographical location of the company’s home base. The business has sold in the country since it launched.

The brand has been selling in Asia for the past two years, with most customers based in Indonesia. There has been an uptake in customers in other parts of the continent, and there is a tremendous opportunity for expansion.

Most recently, in 2022, management secured a US distributor, and sales have been thriving. An agreement is in place with a prominent distributor that enables them exclusivity for a 3-year period until May 2025. However, there are options within this contract regarding pricing and sales quantities that a future owner could review. This is a vast market with enormous potential.

Depending on demand, the company fulfills up to 30 orders daily from its warehouse.

Sales peak around Black Friday and Christmas, with the Australian spring and summer period being the busiest time. This is because more people are active and more likely to roller skate outdoors at this time. However, as demand grows in the Northern Hemisphere, sales could be more uniform year round.

The owner works around 15 hours weekly on the business. Primary tasks include overseeing operations, delegating tasks, managing wholesale and distribution relationships, communicating with manufacturers, and developing business strategy.

Three additional employees work for the business.

A Logistics Manager works between five and ten hours weekly. He oversees incoming and outgoing stock and manages the warehouse.

The Warehouse and Admin Assistant spends five to eight hours weekly picking and packing orders and handling customer service.

Finally, the Marketing Manager works full-time. Responsibilities comprise social media management, most website-related tasks, and creating newsletters, graphic design, product photography, and advertising material.

Accounting and bookkeeping are outsourced.

Few special skills are required for a buyer to enjoy continued success and growth with this brand. Some knowledge of roller skating would be beneficial, but the existing team members are skaters, so it’s not essential.

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Asking Price
$ 400,000
Cash Flow
$ 127,512
Gross Income
$ 544,360
Year Established

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