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International Personalized eCommerce Jewelry Brand – Unbelievable Growth – 22% Margins – Operating in 7 Countries – 100,000 Monthly Visitors


Website Closers® presents a brilliant prize of an eCommerce brand that has, over the course of several years, created a line of products in the Customized & Personalized Jewelry Vertical that have enraptured their European consumer base. They offer a high amount of customizability when it comes to their jewelry pieces, with customers being able to personalize their purchases with not just their own text, names, and images, but different types and colors, as well. The company sells a total of 85 of these tailored SKUs, so customers have no shortage of possible options for how they would like their rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings to turn out.

Their initial Dutch website offered beauty, fashion, and jewelry-related products, but they quickly narrowed it down to the jewelry niche that they operate in today and found great results from doing so. The following year, the company expanded to the Swedish market and the brand’s success allowed them to grow even further, as they also established themselves in Denmark and Norway in 2021.

The current owner has built up a strong relationship with their supplier, which, as their products are all custom-made, is vital to the overall success of the brand. This custom-made approach has also made DropShipping a necessity, as it makes it fairly impossible to store inventory. The DropShip model also saves the business money that other companies spend on warehouse workers, rent, utilities and all the other expenses needed for warehousing, which lets the owner focus on scaling over managing operations.

The company also works with a fulfillment center that boasts their own warehouse and sizable team. Twice every week, the store manager sends out order sheets in Excel format to the fulfillment company, which then sends orders to various manufacturers for production. Once the pieces have been made, the manufacturers package the jewelry in the brand’s custom packaging and send it back to the fulfillment warehouse. The products are then shipped off to the customers.

One of their manufacturers is responsible for roughly 70 to 80% of products sold. The current owner has worked with them for over 3 years now, during which time they have consistently provided professional service and quality goods. They also have a history of being open to discussing products, creating new designs, and sending samples whenever necessary.

Throughout much of the year, the company ships out about 50 to 100 orders every day. However, during the holiday season, when many of their customers are purchasing gifts for their loved ones, that figure jumps to about 300 to 400.

The only merchandise that the company keeps in stock is their packaging, which consists of a charming box, a pouch, and a thank you card, which cost only $0.50 each.

Their digital marketing efforts have shown themselves to be incredibly effective and are made up of a combination of strategies. Their Meta ads, Pinterest ads, and email marketing account for around 80% of sales, while the rest are generated from Google Ads, repeat customers, and organic traffic.

The brand has employed a capable email marketing agency for the past 3 years now, who have proven themselves to be well worth the investment. With their help, the brand has been able to use their email database of over 70,000 subscribers to generate 25% of their total sales.

They have also started to work with a Google Ads agency and a TikTok agency to boost their traffic further. Campaigns on both channels has been launched recently and the results are very promising.

The company operates exclusively within the European market and has put in the work to figure out the best ways to advertise and sell their jewelry. The strategies that have been the most successful thus far have been an emphasis on friendship, family, grief, newborns, and gifts. They are constantly looking into new approaches and have used the high emotional value of the products they offer as a strong selling point to their customer base.

Their average customer is a woman between the ages of 25 and 60 who is usually a mother. This typical customer enjoys wearing sentimental pieces that showcase the names and pictures of her children and/or grandchildren and spends around $40 on every order.

The jewelry market is highly evergreen, as products from this industry are nearly always in demand and can be bought, sold, and worn throughout the year. As the company’s sales reflect, however, demand is strongest in Q4 during the Christmas and holiday season. Profits also rise during Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Sinterklaas—a Dutch holiday.

Most of the company’s operational tasks have been outsourced or automated, and as a result, the owner only spends a meager 5 to 10 hours on the business every week. Their key responsibilities involve managing the team, making sure that the team knows what they need to do, and focusing on scaling strategies.

All of their employees have been hired through freelance platforms, and work part-time in the following capacities:

  • 1 Store Manager
  • 1 Media Buyer for Meta Platforms
  • 2 Video Editors
  • 1 Social Media Manager
  • 1 Head of Customer Service
  • 4 Customer Service Agents
  • 1 Content Creator
  • 1 Financial Analyst

There are very few special skills needed to run this highly polished and optimized business. However, the buyer would benefit from knowing their way around scaling and marketing practices. The company’s qualified staff team is eager to stay on post-acquisition, and even if the buyer lacks certain knowledge, they can easily hire a specialist or outsource the task to an agency to make up for it.

Jewelry is a very straightforward industry to sell from and has a massive target audience that can be tapped into. The buyer could very rapidly scale the business for a quick ROI if they have an interest in scaling, or instead sit back and reap the brand’s profits as they are now.

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$ 1,266,000
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$ 422,135
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$ 1,665,768
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