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Internationally Branded Cooking Brand - Massive Growth & Disruptive Innovation


The target is an Internationally Branded 5-Star Amazon FBA & eCommerce Food Media and Kitchen appliances company that makes home cooking easy, accessible, and innovative – this is accomplished by combining the best products, technology and content while creating a community of raving fans which have, over time, generated both high repeat customer rates as well as a burgeoning social following on all major channels. This brand boasts a market-leading mobile app in the kitchen appliance space and we have a 4.9 star rating out of 5 stars with over 3,700 reviews on Amazon, a primary sales driving channel.

This business is firing on all cylinders, already integrated with Amazon Fresh and Instacart for food delivery services in all locales served by these suppliers. Core products include electric pressure cookers, a proprietary product capable of turning any pressure cooker into an air fryer, glass kettles, with new, trending SKUs already in the pipeline to launch, including an air fryer – a hugely popular vertical in the cooking space.

This powerhouse international cooking brand has made a name for itself to such an extent in the retail market that it is in the final phases of negotiating on-shelf big box retail presence with Costco and Home Depot in all markets – thanks to exclusive contracts with all suppliers, this business cuts a low risk profile few can boast in any eCom segment, and fills with a hybrid Amazon FBA & 3rd Party Remote warehouse model, allowing the business to adapt to dynamic market needs while also ensuring absolutely minimal overhead and OPEX.

This standoung retailer leads the way with disruptive innovation within its space, not the least of which is illustrated by its highly rated mobile app and a customer facing website with enterprise-level polish from head to toe.

Fully-featured in every way and paired with a military-grade social media presence of over 250 influencers (many of whom boast multi-million subscriber counts) and affiliate partnerships spanning multiple channels, this business brings with it a hugely loyal customer base in very socially salient segment – more than 336,000 people follow the brand on Facebook alone.

Realizing YOY growth since inception, projections indicate this business will triple its initial year revenue in 2020, with 2021 projected to more than double its preceding years performance. Packaged for success in absolutely every way, this is a hugely viable and attractive eCom retail business that is already making the leap to big box success as well, and doing so on the global market – this deal will most assuredly go under contract rapidly, inquire today and dont miss this opportunity to own a dominant market share in one of the fastest-growing retail segments the world has to offer today.


This International eCommerce Retail Brand Represented by:
Technology & Website Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC1013

Asking Price
$ 3,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 5,758,147
Gross Income
$ 24,739,985
Year Established