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Irrigation & Drainage Systems Brand – eCommerce Retailer – SBA PreQualified


Website Closers® presents a dynamic and rare business in the eCommerce world – a provider of products in the niche Irrigation and Drainage Systems Vertical. The company provides a wide variety of plastic trench drains that can be blend into the surrounding landscapes of a home or office. This fully developed eCommerce retailer distributes their branded product line to drive phenomenal returns by carrying more than 50 SKUs that have an average order value of $150-$400. The business sees order volumes of around 50/day in the slow season (winter) and 100-150/day the balance of the year.

The books and records of this solid business are impeccable, making this a great opportunity for a Qualified Buyer to come in with as little as 10% down to buy this company, amortizing the balance over an entire decade at super low interest rates. Let us know if you are interested in speaking with the Website Closers Lending Partners on these loan opportunities.

From a growth perspective, this 4.5-year business has plenty of opportunities to grow effectively and sustainably. From further SKU development and internal product creation to advanced marketing tactics and industry relationship development, the foundation set by the founders of this company leaves open the opportunity for a new owner to effectively and exponentially scale this business for many decades to come. Excitingly, this company has also just recently cultivated a strong sales pipeline with both Lowes and Home Depot with plans to expand onto Home Depot PRO in January of 2021, which is setting the tone for future growth for whomever takes over the reins.

The company operates on a 100% stock model to provide impactful drainage to both residential and commercial spaces with quick shipping options. From hidden pipelines to waterproof sealant tapes, this company offers complete drainage systems and replacement parts for any scale job. Capitalizing on their exclusive offerings and strong sales channels, an incoming owner will be able to work on growing this company’s customer base through increased brand awareness and SEO tactics. There are also many adjacent verticals into which this business can expand.

Another path to lasting success for this brand includes industry partnerships with landscaping companies, construction firms, architectural engineers, and civil engineers. Additional advantageous partnerships include industry resellers such as this company’s existing ties to both Home Depot and Lowes, building on these partnerships as well as building out branded digital storefronts such as the website and Amazon. Leveraging an outside marketing firm for traffic generation with both Home Depot and Lowes, this acquisition is quickly gaining traction and attention within the industry. In fact, Amazon has shown interest in buying their top selling product.

This interest from Amazon has triggered the development of an Amazon-based storefront which is set to launch as a fully trademark registered seller by early 2021. As they utilize no other forms of advertising or marketing, there are many avenues to extended success. These promising options include industry thought leadership, social media development, PPC advertising, SEO implementation, Google AdWords, Facebook marketing and more to generate consistent and increasing ROAS.

At the moment, the owners spend more than 50 hours each week maintaining and growing this business. Mainly responsible for product purchasing, sales, staff management, order processing and unloading incoming shipments. These tasks could be easily minimized through the addition of a warehouse manager as well as the implementation of an inventory management system. This business currently employs 1 order picker and packer as well. Many of these necessary objectives could also be met through a 3PL partnership as well as the utilization of the Amazon FBA system.

With a strong history of year over year growth, incredibly impactful industry relationships, and a multitude of high demand SKUs in a highly niche product line, this impressive acquisition has the foundation to help bring lasting success to any entrepreneur – whether one just getting into the eCommerce game, or one that can use her skills to more fully develop that which has already proven to be highly successful.

This eCommerce Business Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2173

Asking Price
$ 3,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 745,795
Gross Income
$ 2,372,101
Year Established

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