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Italian eCommerce Brand – Beauty & Skincare Vertical – 500+ Influencers – 81% Gross Margin – Current US Brands can use this Acquisition to Expand to Europe

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Website Closers® presents a prospering eCommerce business that has, through effective targeting practices, clever strategizing, and an excellent flagship product, rapidly risen in an ever-popular industry.

The company is based within the thriving beauty and skincare vertical, which, given its wide applicability and versatility, is expected to see no shortage of interest in the next upcoming years. The industry rocketed from $483 billion in 2020 to $511 billion in 2021, growing at a global CAGR of 4.75%. By 2025, experts have predicted that it will have exceeded $716 billion, and that it will climb by a staggering 77% total between 2021 and 2026. The massive rise in the industry’s near future means that there will be plenty of opportunities waiting for this business, and, given that customers are 40% more likely to experiment with new beauty products since the coronavirus pandemic, there will be plenty of curious new consumers as well.

Their core offering is an advanced at-home device that treats impurities in the skin, removes blackheads and dead skin cells, and makes for a much clearer and brighter face. The device comes with four different speed settings and four different interchangeable heads, making it adjustable to suit even more sensitive skin types. Though the company’s other products are effective and rather popular in their own right, they have yet to be marketed, presenting a great scale opportunity post-purchase. Each product is branded and comes in the company’s own unique, elegant packaging.

However, for many potential buyers, the enthusiastic reviews that the company has seen from past customers are one of the biggest selling points. Many of their buyers notice results the first time they use the brand’s product, removing blackheads and other grime and leaving behind much clearer skin. These customers are happy to sing the company’s praises, leading to a steady stream of organic growth. The success of their product is thanks to the fantastic supplier that sources it, and their thorough explanations and instructions on how to use it. These instructions are delivered through influencers, video tutorials, and marketing tactics, guiding customers every step of the way. These combined tactics have led to an overabundance of happy buyers, and a refund rate below 1%.

The company provides two free eBooks on skincare through their influencer partners, which, along with a massive discount, has led to astoundingly high conversion rates. They also offer a life-long warranty for their product, which has done wonders in building up a sense of trust and brand loyalty among their consumer base.

Most of their sales are done through influencers on YouTube and Instagram, showcasing the effectiveness of their over 500-strong influencer network. Their close-knit relationship with these partners means that new promotions get reposted monthly, and they no longer need to look for new influencers to partner with. Because of their unique approach to marketing, as well as their excellent sourcing, they enjoy a remarkable 50% profit margin.

Influencers aren’t the only ones endorsing the brand, however. Their device is regularly used by face surgeons and aesthetic MDs, with one doctor even putting forth a testimonial about the product. This testimonial, which was shared with over 1.2 million followers, praises the effectiveness of the product and even gave an official recommendation as a medical professional (MD). Other groups of interest that have endorsed the company’s device include, but aren’t limited to, TV personalities, beauticians, celebrities, and several well-known Italian models. The company also has nearly 1,000 user-made videos showcasing the product, providing great material for marketing purposes.

They have also been able to bring up both their Repeat Customer Rate and average cart value by selling replacement parts and filters, keeping customers hooked. They market the replacements as a reliable way to maintain the hygiene of the product, especially if a customer happens to share it with another person. The product also requires a new filter every one to two months, ensuring a stream of steady revenue without the need for additional marketing.

Along with these replacement parts, the company also provides two complementary products that generate additional revenue. These products consist of a peeling gel and clay mask, which can be bought individually, or together in a kit. They are made by a high-grade Italian cosmetics laboratory and were designed specifically to complement the results of the primary product. The business could add to its complementary product line by introducing a moisturizer, as while they recommend customers use one after using the device, they currently sell none of their own.

Despite the company’s rampant success, the owner needs to work only 10 hours every week on the business, which is spent guiding the team and building up their growth strategy.

Along with their owner, the business has three full-time contractor employees, who are each highly trained in their specific field.

  • The General Manager oversees the employee in the customer service team, writes copy, solves technical problems, and helps with the marketing strategy.
  • An Influencer Manager finds new influencers, negotiates with them, schedules the promos, thinks of new strategies to scale, and allocates the budget to increase profit with influencer marketing following company SOPs.
  • A Customer Service Manager handles logistics, suppliers, shipping, payroll, and customers. She manages customer support on WhatsApp and by email.

They utilize a 3PL for warehousing and fulfillment purposes, which keeps the shipping process as efficient as possible. This third party is responsible for keeping all of the company’s stock, is paid only for product shipments, and is consistently able to get purchases to customers within 48 hours.

If the company has any other, smaller needs, such as photography, translation, and technical issues, they will occasionally outsource from freelancers on Fiverr.

With their track record in mind, it’s safe to say that this business isn’t a wash. Their reliable customer base, wonderfully structured systems, and quality products will be able to give a buyer a quick return on investment, and a high number of scale opportunities.

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Asking Price
$ 648,000
Cash Flow
$ 209,091
Gross Income
$ 485,475
Year Established

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