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Italian Shoe eCommerce Brand | Over 70,000 Customers throughout Italy | Super High Growth | 21% Repeat Order Rate

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Website Closers® presents an Italian-based eCommerce brand specializing in a distinguished line of Men’s Footwear and Apparel, featuring exclusive items unavailable in other retail outlets.


Setting itself apart from competitors, the brand offers opulent designs at accessible price points. While initially expanding the product range to over 6,000 SKUs, management made a strategic shift in 2022, focusing efforts on the top 100 best-selling items. This shift yielded remarkable profit spikes, with a staggering 420% SDE growth by the end of 2023, indicating the success of offering a narrower selection. The emphasis remains on creating fully branded products adorned with custom logos and designs, perpetually innovating the lineup.

The company has cultivated a notable reputation for exceptional customer service, highlighted by a generous 100-day money-back guarantee and swift delivery services, evident in the abundance of glowing 5-star reviews.

A distinct range of designs spanning men’s dress shoes, athletic footwear, and refined formal and sportswear have not only become bestsellers but have also contributed to a low return rate of around 2%, coupled with a rapidly increasing Repeat Purchase Rate.

In essence, the owner has established a robust fashion brand that magnetizes sales from the middle-class demographic. While both footwear and apparel represent enduring markets worldwide, they are fiercely competitive arenas. Yet, this brand has excelled, swiftly positioning itself domestically as an authority in its niche. This achievement places the brand ideally for significant expansion across Europe, especially in regions with buying patterns akin to Italian consumers.

Since its inception, the owner has fostered dependable relationships with several trusted suppliers, boasting a network of factories producing the mid-range footwear and apparel they specialize in. Leveraging these relationships has allowed the company to slash product costs by up to 50% from their original prices in some instances, significantly bolstering their cash flow.

This trust and rapport with suppliers have proven invaluable, enabling the brand to provide unconventional sizes and customized designs not typically offered by others. Additionally, they’ve sought products prominently featuring their logo, greatly enhancing brand recognition and perception.

Operating with a 3PL partner, the company handles an average of 150 shipments daily while maintaining the stock of its entire product range. Doing so enables swift product delivery and elevates the customer experience.

Remarkably, sales exhibit consistent performance year-round, unaffected by seasonal fluctuations.


The digital marketing strategy is driven by PPC ads on prominent social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, complemented by Google Ads and email marketing. These efforts have significantly boosted sales and yielded a solid Return on Ad Spend of 4.2.

These endeavors also continue to draw an expanding customer base to the Shopify website. Since its inception, the site has accumulated over 6.1 million online store sessions, with a staggering monthly average of 330,000 unique visits. Moreover, the company has bolstered its website by implementing tailored software, custom-coded Google Sheets, and specialized add-ons to enhance profit margins and trim operational costs.

Operations & Staff

Bolstered by a seasoned team comprising 17 full time employees, the current owner dedicates only three hours daily to the business, primarily overseeing PPC ad campaigns and steering the team’s efforts.

The staff comprises ten full-time customer service representatives, three full-time graphic designers, and personnel handling various roles like data entry, web development, email marketing, and inventory management. Additionally, part-time employees contribute to various related tasks.

No specialized skills are necessary for a potential buyer to operate this business, as the proficient staff shoulders most of the daily workload. All operational facets and systems are fully established, allowing a new owner to concentrate on expanding the business through avenues like introducing a range of women’s shoes and apparel, expanding globally, and continuing to emphasize marketing for top-selling products.

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WC 3270

Asking Price
$ 1,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 462,920
Gross Income
$ 2,815,833
Year Established

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