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LatinX Clothing & Home Goods Brand – eCommerce Retailer focused on Branded Website & Etsy Channels – Strong YOY Growth

This ever-growing opportunity is a Latinx-targeted eCommerce clothing and home goods brand. Founded and developed by a Puerto Rican mom, this Internet Company has built its brand on authenticity, integrity, humor, and style, while focused on the Latin Demographic. With wildly impressive success, this proven business is showing 192% year over year growth, 50% net operating margins, and 17% customer loyalty. From Cultural sayings to fashionable sweaters, this online seller provides whimsical gifts, comfortable daily wear, pens, mugs and more for the Latin Woman on-the-go. Carrying a high average order value of $34 and an incredible following throughout their niche market, this promising opportunity has gained its influencer marketing for free and completely unsolicited. This company is more than an eCommerce clothing retailer; it is a brand that people love with a message of warmth and fun that this consumer market is inspired by.

While the company has already grown tremendously, and continues to show strong growth trends, there is plenty of room for growth and a number of low hanging fruit opportunities available, near term. For example, this business has a partnership with Bacardi that could be leveraged more effectively to drive sales and new product creation. Additionally, they sell only on Etsy and their own website at the moment, leaving Amazon and Walmart as immense, untapped markets. This offering currently leverages minimal SEO and ad spend which are sure ways to generate traffic and conversion. With all these paths to growth and more, this business is an incredible offering that will bring significant success to any savvy entrepreneur or established seller.

This eCommerce clothing and home goods provider sells high quality shirts with vinyl pressed graphics and carries a high average order value. Currently offering over 300 SKUs, this innovative company also holds designs that are ready to be added to their expansive catalogue. This business owns two trademarks, and all their designs are copyright protected. There is also a segment of the inventory that includes hats and mugs, which are sent through a white label partnership, directly from trusted vendors. The current ownership has a longstanding relationship with Bacardi and creates Bacardi branded shirts for their Casa Puerto Rico location store. This relationship could be easily leveraged into more, fully Bacardi branded product lines.

This strategic company has developed a lucrative hybrid shipping model. They do 98% in-house shipping and the rest of their inventory, including mugs and hats, is completed by 3rd parties through white label agreements. The current supplier agreements carry strong and advantageous relationships that provide more than 90% of the products sold by this offering and can be effectively leveraged to reliably expand product lines. Currently, all in-house storage and shipping practices are housed in a 100 ft. space.

This business is currently running on a hands-on model. The present owners dedicate an average of 30 hours per week, though these tasks could eventually be outsourced if a new owner wanted. The new owner will be responsible for creating, pressing, and packing the shirts, shipping out products and ordering supplies, as well as posting on social media consistently, current ownership has been posting to Instagram about 3 times a day.

So far, this business has seen amazing success leveraging Facebook Ads, social media, and basic SEO for all marketing. These practices are funneling substantial traffic to their website and Etsy storefront. The majority of their sales conversions occur on the website, 99%, while the rest come from Etsy. The opportunities for scaling this company are massive. Leveraging the current relationship with Bacardi, improving upon marketing and social media initiatives, expanding sales platforms, and more are sure to rapidly increase profits and brand reach. Amazon would be a particularly effective selling expansion, particularly with an increased portfolio. This brand already has a strong presence on Instagram, but it could be strengthened by Facebook and Pinterest participation as well.

This offering is a strategically built company that is perfectly positioned for continued success and growth. With a strong standing in a niche and highly profitable market, this company is an incredible investment for any entrepreneur looking to get started in eCommerce clothing as well as an established corporation that would like to increase its Latinx appeal.

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Asking Price
$ 706,000
Cash Flow
$ 231,522
Gross Income
$ 367,139
Year Established

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