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Lingerie Brand for Plus-Size Women – UK Based eCommerce Business – Strong Margins on $44 AOV

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand in one of the fastest-growing niche categories in the lucrative field of woman’s apparel: Lingerie Products for Women. Within that field, there is a growing demand for Plus-Size lingerie, and this KU-based eCommerce Brand has generated impressive awareness, recognition, and sales for their lingerie and specialty bras appealing to that demographic. Using social media platforms such as Facebook to find their audience, the company now enjoys steady sales among their 26 product offerings, appealing to women between the ages of 18 and 54, who are eagerly buying their products at the Average Order Value of $44. Within the past year, the company has experienced a 200% growth rate, 44% Profit Margins and a Repeat Customer Rate that shot up from 10% to 14% as its brand recognition increased.

With sales mainly in Europe, the company has the opportunity to scale rapidly by expanding into Australia, the Middle East, and North America, and by adding its listings to Amazon.

The company has been focused to date on designing solutions for lingerie products for oversized women who have problems with things like … bras that make them uncomfortable.

This company is growing fast and in an excellent position to scale rapidly as its products become better known, and there are numerous proven methods to send their profits skyrocketing.

Operating within the very evergreen apparel industry, which was worth a stunning $1.5 trillion in 2021 and projected to increase to $2 trillion by 2026, the company has found there is room for creative newcomers. Within this industry, the global lingerie market is also a high performer, valued at $46.5 billion and expected to rise by 8.5% from 2021 to 2031. The lingerie category enables women to choose from a variety of products, including bras, panties, loungewear, swimwear, and sportswear.

It’s well established that women can develop an emotional connection with lingerie brands they have come to trust due to the daily comforts that lingerie provides. Women frequently compare different brand attributes of lingerie before making their selections, and manufacturers are continuously engaging in research and development to ensure customers’ exact needs get met.

Today there is equally good demand for plus-size lingerie, now a $21 billion industry as women have abandoned “body-shame” concepts and today characterize themselves as curved.

As this niche space has grown, this brand has grown along with it. A review of the company’s history will demonstrate how it positioned itself for exceptional growth.

The company brought style and character to their SKUs. Launched in 2020, the company created a line of bras made of ultra-comfortable lace that included wide padded straps, extra wide under-bust bands, and side wings with double cord support, providing the customer with maximum support.

Based in the United Kingdom, their main market has been in Europe, although they have huge expansion opportunities in other countries as well. They have more than 27,000+ customers. Those customers are now making on average 11 or more purchases.

They have demonstrated skill in finding buyers. Social media is the ideal place for brands to build their customer base since posting photos of customers in their lingerie has proven effective at building their customer base. The company has also used social media to continuously test new creatives and new products. The ones that turn out to be winners get promoted.

Their social media platforms are giving them excellent organic traffic since the company now receives 30,000+ unique visitors every month.

Facebook is their main marketing channel, where they employ PPC ad campaigns to drive sales higher, and they are starting to test additional platforms such as TikTok and Google.

With an email database of 27,000+ subscribers, the company is sending out two emails per week which are helping to expand their Repeat Customer Rate.

This also points to some of the brand’s scale opportunities. Now operating on their Shopify website, they could expand onto other sales channels such as Amazon to reach the millions using that site.

Amazon could also be the ideal platform for international expansion, particularly in the Middle East.

It’s a highly automated business. The current ownership spends a mere 2 hours per day operating the business, which literally is operating itself. The daily tasks include updating PPC ads, order fulfillment, and other management tasks.

The company employs one virtual assistant who spends about 20 hours per week responding to customer inquiries, and a freelance designer, accountant, and translator.

Their supplier handles order processing so the company has no need to maintain inventory or make use of a warehouse.

This brand is ideal for a buyer who wants a sustainable business that is growing quickly and still has good expansion opportunities. The field of lingerie is a fast-growing one, and fortunately for this company and a future owner, so is the field of Plus-Size Lingerie.

This company is already a firmly established brand name for a lot of their satisfied customers.

Contact Website Closers today to learn more about how this company will dress up your business portfolio in a way that guarantees future success.

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WC 2792

Asking Price
$ 399,000
Cash Flow
$ 181,145
Gross Income
$ 693,808
Year Established

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