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This customer-friendly eCommerce watch website is focused on providing superior customer service and superior products. This business boasts their very own, quality branded watch product, creating a high-margin, high barrier to entry business that is ripe for scale at both Direct to Consumer as well as Wholesale.

There are many fine watch companies in Europe, Japan and the US, but it would be difficult to find one that equals this company’s unique styling, attention to detail, quality and value. This business continues to search the watch world for comparable brands and add them to it’s collection. There are currently over 20 different styles with four to ten variations of each.

This is a solid business for a current eCommerce professional or one just getting into the Internet Space. This sector is positioned well because it is always in high demand and has growth ability through the expansion into additional channels, like Amazon.

This internet business is re-locatable and only requires 1-2 hours weekly, virtually running itself. It has thrived with a yearly 10% increase since opening in 2004 and could be easily increased to a six figure income with very little effort.
With the addition of more SKUs and an internet campaign, this business could double its earnings within the first year.

Here are a number of factors used in the valuation of this company:

Proprietary Product Line: Internet entrepreneurs are currently searching for branded companies that manufacturer their own product PLUS have an online presence. This one has it all.

Growth: Cash flow is strong and the company is ready to scale via its website, digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

Low Overhead: The business can be operated from home or a small office.

Re-locatable: This business is 100% re-locatable and can be operated from any location.

Wholesale: The product line is unique to the business; thus, there is potential for a Buyer to scale the wholesale channel and to begin selling product to distributors and other retailers.

Branded Products: Much more valuable than simply selling commodities that everyone else is selling, you will have the opportunity to sell a product that only you have the rights to.

Asking Price
$ 85,000
Cash Flow
$ 30,000
Gross Income
$ 65,000
Year Established

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