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Luxury Furniture eCommerce Retailer – Strategic Partnerships with Major Brands in Place – Strong YOY Growth

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Business that has flourished selling Household, Luxury Furniture online, and continues to grow nicely. Their coveted relationships with household brands, such as Tempur-Pedic and Ashley Furniture, have provided them with over 165,000 high-quality SKUs, which they offer to customers at competitive prices. Their diverse array of furniture, along with their affordability, have given them a Strong Growth Rate, and an Average Order Value of $545.27.

Other manufacturers that the company has partnered with include Alamont, CrownMark, and Coaster Fine Furniture. These brands, among others, supply them with a consistent stream of luxurious furniture pieces in several in-demand verticals. Whether a customer is looking for products to make their home office more comfortable, or to add an elegant flair to their dining room, they’re virtually guaranteed to find a great selection from the company.

Their Repeat Order Rate is a testament to their high level of customer satisfaction, standing at a remarkable 20%, which is high for the premium furniture sector. They also have an email database with over 143,500 contacts, which could be efficiently utilized with improved marketing campaigns. These could help keep customers informed of special deals and discounts to take advantage of and continue to encourage those with abandoned carts to carry through with their purchases. If successful, these campaigns could sharply raise their Repeat Order Rate, and generate more revenue.

Along with the vast number of active offerings on their website, the company also has over 250,000 more SKUs at their disposal. Once added, these pieces will further diversify their product line, assuring that even more customers will be able to find the perfect furnishing to fit their home’s layout and aesthetic.

Their 100% dropship model and close network of suppliers has let them easily manage their massive SKU count. Instead of having to handle the burden of warehousing and inventory management, they are able to leave everything to their suppliers and prioritize the storefront. Given that warehouse and inventory costs are typically a large cash flow need within the furniture vertical, this model has let them pay only a fraction of the expense of working capital needed by other businesses and see returns on every sale. The dropship model is supplemented by a carefully curated management system, which has made running the brand a far more efficient process. The owner enjoys a workload of only 10 hours per week, which are spent communicating with vendors, making bill payments, and taking care of high-level customer concerns.

All other responsibilities are tended to by the company’s seasoned team of seven staff members. These loyal employees are made up of a claims manager, a logistics manager, and several customer service representatives, who work together to alleviate much of the stress that would otherwise come about from managing such a large company. These veterans will also let the buyer go through the transition process without having to worry about scrambling for new hires or keeping business going while they learn the ropes.

The buyer could lighten their daily workload further by implementing automatic invoicing. Additionally, hiring on new staff would let them support the brand as it continues to grow, while still providing first-rate customer service to their consumer base.

The company has a fantastic amount of scale potential and possibilities, with one simple method being to add to their active listings. In addition to the 250,000+ products that they have waiting for them, they can also support up to 1 million unique SKUs, which would make them a true giant within their industry. As they sell exclusively from their Shopify, they could quickly scale by expanding into online retailers like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. All of these websites would build upon the brand’s streams of revenue, and considerably strengthen their sales as more customers gain easy access to their products.

The company’s key marketing strategies are made up of abandoned cart retargeting, Google Ads, SEO practices, and other methods that are effective and low-cost. This economical plan will come with the business and can be built upon to draw new attention and customers.

Paid ads on Google Search, Amazon, and other frequented websites would allow the brand to reach a larger audience, and point buyers to any additional sales channels that they might open.

They could also improve their rate of organic growth by strengthening their social media presence. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are all great image-sharing platforms, and are used by millions, if not billions, of consumers every day. Partnering with affiliates and well-known influencers could help grow these fresh accounts and spread awareness of the company’s products.

The industry that the company is based within offers marvelous opportunities to create relations with new, related groups. Real estate agencies, decorators, resellers, and interior designers are all focused on making houses look their best, and because of this, they often buy furniture and home accessories in bulk. These groups would all make valuable industry partnerships and could substantially drive up the wholesale side of the business.

With over 3 million visitors to its website every month, a polished virtual storefront, and connections to many trusted suppliers, this acquisition is only getting bed-er with every day. If you’d like to learn more, then contact Website Closers today for more details from our brokers.

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WC 2731

Asking Price
$ 4,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,685,771
Gross Income
$ 6,733,146
Year Established

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