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Men’s Designer Dress Shoes Brand | eCommerce Operations | Super High Growth | 355,000 Monthly Visitors | $82 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a Men’s Dress Shoe Brand that has put their best foot forward through a strong eCommerce Web Presence. Since their inception, the heart of the business has been meeting fashion with comfortability, which led them to seek out products that could help customers look stylish without compromising their foot health.

Their shoes feature orthopedic designs, premium materials, and a commitment to quality that has been leveraged via strong relationships cultivated with the manufacturer and third-party logistics provider.

While shoes are their specialty, their products feature several other pieces of men’s dress attire, such as belts, shirts, pants, insoles, and socks. The company has an Average Order Value (AOV) of $82, and while they see consistent sales throughout the year, their profits surge during Q4.

Their stock is handled through a hybrid inventory model, with about $200,000’s worth of rolling inventory in shoes being stored and shipped by Zendrop. They also have a 3PL in Utah where any customer returns are sent, and which allows them to ship on important days such as Black Friday, Father’s Day, and other profitable holidays and seasons.

Business Broker Takeaways

  1. Proprietary Potential. The company has a pending trademark, which will strengthen their brand image, help them grow their reputation, and better differentiate themselves from their competitors.

    This isn’t all, however, as there are also currently some custom designs in process for the brand, which will pave the way for the company to switch their business model from reseller to private label. In the future, they could create shoes from sourced manufacturers in Italy, Turkey, and other regions with various materials, encouraging customers to come to them for an even larger selection of quality shoes and menswear.

  2. Reliable Team in Place. The brand has no employees, with their staff instead being made up of private contractors and agencies that they work with. Their contractors include 5 customer support agents managed in-house by their operations manager, a freelancer responsible for creatives, a full-time videographer, a Google Ads media buyer, and a media buyer who also handles creative strategy and product development. The company’s team is interested in working with the brand going forward, which will give a buyer an excellent foundation to work with.
  1. Strong Marketing Tactics. The brand’s primary top of funnel advertising channel is their paid Facebook ads, which direct potential customers to their website. From there, these consumers are prompted to sign up for SMS and email for a discount, which loops them into a 30-day cycle of being emailed and messaged until they make a purchase. After they purchase, the company has a funnel built to encourage them to order more than once and spend the most money with them.

    Their 340,000-subscriber strong email list serves as a testament to the effectiveness of this strategy. Their SMS marketing is handled in-house, while their full-service email marketing is managed by an agency.

    They don’t stop there, however, as the brand implements an SEO campaign on their website. Their SEO is also handled in-house full-time, which combines good keywords related to their shoes and a blog to build site authority with Google and improve their ranking. Their marketing efforts have given them a monthly visitor rate of over 355,000.

Scale Opportunities

The brand could climb up the industry ladder with a few carefully implemented scale opportunities. Outside of establishing their own custom-branded shoe line, they could expand their product roster with new SKUs such as extended/wide sizes for their existing products or develop other products that help with common foot problems in men.

Expanding their presence would be another valuable move to make. As they have yet to establish themselves on Amazon, they could significantly build their consumer base, and, in turn, their revenue, by utilizing that untapped storefront.

Additionally, while they already sell in several countries, they could continue to grow their presence in other markets through geo-focused marketing campaigns. Some new channels they could investigate for this venture include Pinterest, Snapchat, or influencer partnerships.


This acquisition has taken many steps in the right direction to grow their brand, and are already looking into various methods of growing their customer base and strengthening their reputation. However, an ambitious buyer could hasten their progress by adding to their storefronts, improving their marketing, and expanding their fulfillment opportunities from the US with inventory. As the owner needs only 10 hours per week to manage operations, they will have more time to focus their attention on ways to further develop this brand.

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WC 3377

Asking Price
$ 6,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,659,431
Gross Income
$ 12,489,986
Year Established

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