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Men’s Dress Shoe Company | eCommerce Sales Channel (DTC) | Custom Molds | Super High Growth | 391,000+ Monthly Uniques | 320,000 Email Subs | $83 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a bourgeoning private label, trademarked Men’s Footwear Brand. The company has consistently excelled since its inception and grew its profit more than 100% even in this last fiscal period. A team of skilled shoemakers meticulously designs and handcrafts each pair, ensuring a level of quality and comfort that exceeds expectations.

Men’s Apparel and Shoe companies are a unique opportunity in that they rarely come up for sale, especially one that is growing the way this one is with a strong following. Once a gentleman enjoys the shoes of a particular brand, they remain highly sticky. In fact, according to recent studies, 59% of men are significantly more brand loyal than women (44%).

The Market

Footwear stands out as a thriving global industry, holding the position as the second most significant fashion segment in retail after apparel. The market is valued at approximately $390 billion, and considerable growth is projected across all segments within the vertical, including sneakers and athletic and leather footwear, by 2025.

Simultaneously, the global men’s shoe market is experiencing progression, witnessing shifts in trends that challenge the once dependable ‘timeless style’ associated with men’s formal and casual footwear. A wave of new trends is reshaping the landscape, introducing innovative styles to replace traditional ones. Recognizing the importance of staying abreast of evolving design and comfort preferences to drive sales, this brand has successfully developed a model that resonates with its vast customer base.

The brand offers a distinctive collection, carving out a niche with potential expansion into retail, marketplace, and wholesale channels. All products bear the company’s trademarked name, imbued with historical significance, evoking a timeless presence.

Products & Target Demographic

Management has embraced a straightforward and reliable formula for achieving success. The brand operates on a highly effective eCommerce model, where the founder acquires shoes from suppliers, brands them, and resells them.

The company distinguishes itself by possessing custom molds for large and wide shoes, exclusively designed for them, and collaborating with multiple factories. To ensure continuity, the owner has backup factories in place if needed. Having expanded to 10 parent listings with an Average Order Value of $86, the brand has earned a commendable reputation among men aged 45 and older. Their products enjoy year-round popularity, with minimal influence from seasonal factors, though sales typically peak during Black Friday and throughout Q4. The company’s growth has facilitated the addition of various accessories, including belts, pants, and socks.

Marketing & Workload

Leveraging social media has empowered this brand to broaden its customer base consistently. Facebook serves as a pivotal platform in the marketing strategy, where new creatives are tested weekly. This approach has proven instrumental in reaching the target audience, overcoming disruptions like Apple’s iOS 14.5 release in 2021.

In addition to Facebook, the team actively utilizes Instagram and TikTok to showcase and promote their products. TikTok, in particular, has emerged as highly effective, contributing up to 10% of total revenue. Beyond adept social media posts, they employ various methods to facilitate rapid growth. An SEO program generates robust organic traffic, including blog posts incorporating backlinks to enhance search engine rankings, resulting in over 300,000 unique monthly website visitors.

Traditional marketing tools, such as email newsletters, have also proven successful in boosting sales. With a database of over 120,000 subscribers, email campaigns now account for up to 25% of monthly revenue.

While ongoing social media branding is poised to drive sales further, the company has additional scale opportunities at its disposal. These include listing products on Amazon and Walmart, launching an influencer campaign, expanding international sales, and introducing new SKUs.

While the founder initially invested substantial time and effort to build the business, the current maintenance requires only 2 hours per week. This efficiency is facilitated by a competent staff handling day-to-day operations.

Given the timeless nature of fashion, this brand serves as a testament to the profitability achievable by offering footwear appreciated by customers. It highlights how social media marketing has provided a gateway for relatively new brands to connect with prospective customers and swiftly build loyalty. As shoes remain enduringly popular, this venture is strategically positioned for substantial growth.

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Asking Price
$ 7,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,168,879
Gross Income
$ 13,146,078
Year Established

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