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Men’s & Women’s Premium Sandals Brand – Proprietary Product Line – Design Patents in Place – DTC eCommerce Website & Wholesale Channels – High Repeat Order Rate

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Website Closers® presents a lifestyle brand marketing a line of sandals that are ideal for any occasion, including work, events such as weddings, yoga classes and so much more. Their proprietary slide shoes have appealed to more than 1 million customers who are now giving this brand a tremendous 116% growth rate. The company also has both DTC and B2B/wholesale customers and enjoys a high 40% Repeat Customer Rate, which is far higher than what we normally see for footwear companies. This is a business primed to scale quickly.

This Brand offers a large variety of in-house designed, high comfort sandals for men and women – they have created an exceptional brand presence across the web, using its eCommerce Direct-ToConsumer Website as its primary source of revenue, and social media as its main traffic driver. 30% of the company’s sales are generated via wholesale vendor relationships. Even though Zappos and Amazon are obvious choices for selling these high-quality footwear products, current ownership has not yet transitioned to those channels given the massive demand they have seen just on their DTC & B2B sales channels alone. Their products are made for any season and available in multiple colors and patterns – over 300 total SKUs on offer. All products are proprietary, protected by a design patent, and sold under their trademarked name.

Operating in the enormous footwear space, this brand has quickly developed everything a business desires to be profitable, including profiles in popular publications such as GQ, Vogue and Forbes, plenty of glowing 5-Star recommendations, and sales in multiple countries.

The global footwear market is not only evergreen but one that continues to get stronger as manufacturers look for ways to innovate and create new trends. That’s certainly the case in sandals as well, a vertical worth several billion dollars today. For millions of people, footwear is not just about comfort, but a fashion statement, which is the reason why most people own a wide array of footwear suitable for multiple occasions. This brand has discovered not only a product that sells exceptionally well but also a smart marketing plan to continue growing their base.

Style and Global Consciousness Define Them. Launched in 2014, the brand set out to create footwear and slide shoes that have a timeless appeal and many options for everybody. Their waterproof sandals come in hundreds of colors and patterns that fit the entire family. The brand markets proprietary sandals under their trademarked brand, with a design patent on the product to protect the unique style. They enjoy brisk sales on their 300 SKUs with an Average Order Value of $65. While the company often focuses on sandals for summer use, they do have products that can be worn year-round, with or without socks. Their sandals are designed for women, men, and children, with new products continuing to come online. Because of that diversity, their top-selling products vary by season.

This company also benefits significantly from their commitment to social goals. The company’s products are eco-friendly and promote sustainability and fair trade. Their goal is to promote a chill lifestyle without doing anything during the manufacturing process that hurts the earth.

Sales are International in Scope. Their products appeal to an international audience, including in the U.S., Canada, the UK, the European Union, Panama, and Australia. While 70% of sales are direct to customers through their Shopify website, a growing 30% of profits come from wholesale accounts.

Operations are smooth and efficient. The company is now shipping orders from two 3PL warehouses, and to keep up with orders, the brand maintains 100,000 pairs of sandals at all times. New inventory orders are placed several times a year.

The current owner has 10 full-time employees who focus on tasks that include operations, logistics, and production, or who focus on creatives.

Marketing is driving sales higher. The company uses multiple digital marketing tools to drive sales, successfully. Paid Media is used on several social media sites, while the company also uses posts on Instagram (where they maintain 90,000+ followers) and on Facebook (12,230+) to boost their organic traffic. Similarly, the company has used influencer marketing to expand their customer base.

These tools are working as intended, and the company now receives 49,225 unique website visitors each month. Newsletters are sent out to the 70,000+ subscribers in their email database, another key marketing tool for upsells (the company has multiple color options for existing customers to pick from.)

There are additional marketing tools the company could use to drive organic traffic even higher. That could include an SEO program that focuses on top keywords to expand their rankings in search engines, and to launch a blog on the website.

Another key scale option would be to shift their listings onto top eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Zappos and eBay to put their products in front of the millions who use those sites.

A major scale option is to boost their B2B sales by marketing directly to not just shoe retailers, but also to ones that also promote the Cool/Chill Lifestyle.

As their sales have skyrocketed, this company is now enjoying 59% Gross Profit Margins and they receive many highly enthusiastic 5-star reviews from their customers. Upsells have become easier as their clients look for their favorite sandals in different colors and patterns. No surprise their Repeat Customer Rate has grown from 30% to 40%.

This company has the added advantage of appealing not just to those who love sandals and the comfort they provide, but also to customers who care about the environment, a sustainable planet, and other social goals, giving them multiple different audiences to target. Their growth is virtually assured.

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Asking Price
$ 16,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,896,116
Gross Income
$ 8,591,999
Year Established

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