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Multi-Channel Oral Care Brand – Loyal Customer Base (41% Repeat Customer Rate) – Big Box Retail, Website and Amazon Channels – Unique Packaging Design – 70k+ Reviews on Amazon


Website Closers® presents an excellent eCommerce Brand that operates in the lucrative Oral Care Industry. The company’s focus is on Teeth Whitening solutions, including whitening kits, toothpastes and kits. They have developed a strong sales channel network and this network gives them an opportunity to 10X their company with the right investments in human and capital resources.

The Company

Launched in 2019, the company now markets 21 SKUs that include five different styles of toothpaste that come in 1, 2, or 4-packs, teeth whitening strips, treatment packs, and charcoal teeth whitening powders, among others. Their products are sourced from a reliable manufacturer with a base in Texas, and all their products are sold and advertised under their trademarked brand name.

On Amazon, the company operates via Prime, 1 and 2-day Shipping via Fulfilled by Amazon logistics. Amazon FBA has allowed them to get in front of millions of consumers to sell their products, and they have been given top seller status in the Amazon Beauty Care category.

Besides its Amazon storefront, the company also has strong sales via its retail partners, such as Target, VitaCost and Others. They also sell on their Branded Website via the Shopify platform. All of these sales channels make this a well-diversified opportunity for an entrepreneur to acquire, build an additional set of products in the Oral Care Industry, and accelerate sales.

Sales are divided between their retail accounts, their Amazon platform and the additional DTC sales on their own website. They now ship 40 retail orders per month, and those numbers are growing. The company is in the process of introducing additional SKUs on Walmart and has lined up retail opportunities with Walgreens, Kroger, Meijer, and Publix.

Their 21 innovative products, sold with a $30 Average Order Value, focus on Teeth Whitening care that has proven to be irresistible to an audience that has given them a 41% Repeat Customer Rate. The company has done particularly well appealing to millennials between the ages of 25 and 45 who appreciate the quality of their dental care products, which are manufactured by a leading industry manufacturer that supplies some of the best-known oral care brands.


The company has worked from the start with one main supplier who has become a trusted and reliable partner for them. They have a master purchasing agreement that stipulates all terms.

All products provide the same quality and high standards from the manufacturer. Orders that come in through their Shopify site are shipped from a 3PL. The company always maintains 2-3 months’ worth of inventory.

Shipping and customer service for their Amazon orders are handled by Fulfillment By Amazon, providing them with rapid shipments and delivery and a strong reputation when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

A buyer doesn’t need to be concerned about a large time commitment running this company, which operates mainly on autopilot. The current ownership devotes as little as 10 hours per week to running it, focusing mainly on shipping retailer orders and marketing to new retail customers, providing content to their Amazon platform, and branding and product design.

The owners are assisted by a centralized team that manages daily tasks.

Marketing & Scale

For the Amazon platform, much of its marketing has relied on Amazon’s internal promotional tools to help build its audience. The company has put a major focus on the branding and packaging that each product gets, and their low pricing.

Marketing is one of the company’s surest paths to scaling quickly. The brand could ramp up its social media marketing to include video marketing on sites such as YouTube and TikTok, and an influencer campaign that partners with dental professionals to continue improving their brand recognition.

With 60,000+ subscribers in their email database, the company has the potential for a potent email newsletter campaign to keep driving upsells and cross-sells higher.

The company could also expand its product offerings, begin bundling its Amazon products to provide an even greater opportunity for savings, and use Amazon’s overseas platforms for international expansions.

Industry Insight

Products related to oral care and teeth whitening are used by millions daily, and once those buyers find a brand they trust and items they like, they stick with them and become long-term buyers. This company has made itself even more appealing to customers by the unique rebranded packaging and highly competitive pricing that continues driving sales higher. That’s given this company a high degree of customer loyalty and strong brand recognition.

People take their oral care and the whiteness of their teeth very seriously, which is why the Global Oral Care Market is valued at $33.7 billion and projected to increase by 6.4% through 2030. These are products that consumers are increasingly comfortable purchasing online. Much of that has occurred since the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns shifted consumer spending to online stores, and that includes the skyrocketing increase in the use of oral care products at home.

Manufacturers have responded by looking for ways to create more appealing teeth products, ones that consumers trust and believe are effective, and that’s helped to make oral care one of the most profitable segments in the personal care market. Toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrushes have become essential items in people’s daily routines and oral hygiene is a must for millions.


This company is riding the wave of oral care importance, while also benefiting from a diverse sales mix and appealing scale opportunities, particularly when it comes to using digital marketing tools to expand their customer base.

On Amazon, the company has drawn glowing 5 Star reviews from customers who report how much better their teeth look thanks to this brand’s products. That kind of enthusiasm is the key reason why their Repeat Customer Rate is rising, and also why this company has an enviable future. Their growth is assured once a new buyer uses proven marketing tools to expand their customer base. Oral care is one field that is highly evergreen, ensuring more and more people will discover and become loyal to this company – once they discover them.

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