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MultiBrand Health & Wellness eCommerce Business | 85% Customer Retention | Children’s Liquid Vitamins | Skincare | Acne Treatment | Nutritional Supplements | Healthcare Products

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Company with 5 separate brands marketing a wide array of natural and innovative Health & Wellness Products, an industry that has enjoyed massive growth since the pandemic lockdowns. With five separate brands marketed on Shopify and Amazon, each site has its own unique strengths and specialized SKUs.

The products include Liquid Supplements for Kids, a Natural Skincare Line for Women, an Acne Treatment Brand, a large line of Nutritional Supplements that covers any issues for adults, and a Healthcare Products Brand.

With all of these products in high demand among health-conscious consumers, the company is now maintaining a remarkable 161% YoY Growth Rate and 28% SDE margins. But the most exciting thing about this business, which has influenced its valuation, is the company’s 85% customer retention rate. This is unheard of for just about any eCommerce Brand.

With some of their websites dating back 20+ years, the company has a lengthy track record of attracting loyal customers who have come to rely on the quality of their products. Their sites attract high praise from customers who provide invaluable word-of-mouth advertising about how effectively their products work. The company is a trailblazer in another way: they now manufacture their own liquid-free supplements in-house, giving them a clear edge over competitors.

This brand is also the owner of their many product formulations, an important consideration for a buyer looking for a business with SKUs that can’t be found elsewhere.

This business and its five brands were built with a commitment to providing high-quality and all-natural wellness products that enhance the customer’s daily lives. That commitment has given the brand a loyal customer base and a tremendously high 85% Customer Retention Rate and repeat purchases. These products appeal to people looking for a holistic approach to their health and beauty needs and enable the company to cater to a highly diverse customer base, from parents looking for products for their kids to older demographics with much different health care needs.

The company enjoys high recurring revenues for another reason: it markets on multiple sales channels, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target. While some of their products draw most sales from the Shopify website, others attract most customers from Amazon. This has given the company the advantage of rising sales at a time when consumers are more comfortable than ever purchasing health-related products from online shops.

The five separate brands, with their own proprietary product formulations, have given each a highly formidable position within their respective niche fields. The company is becoming a leader across each one and is demonstrating how to attract its core audience and then turn them into repeat buyers, and establish a strong digital footprint in niche fields that are growing at phenomenal rates.  The global market for nutritional supplements is now valued at $381.47 billion, and growing at a 6% rate. The global skincare market is also enjoying tremendous growth, valued at $104 billion, while the global market for home blood pressure devices is valued at $155 billion and growing by 9.8%.

These are competitive marketplaces, but this company’s decision to market across five branded websites has been a smart and effective move. Sales are boosted by their in-house manufacturing capabilities which create exclusive products and give them control over product quality. Their digital marketing strategies include 100,000+ subscribers in their email database that help promote their product excellence.

Considering that this is a turnkey operation with a skilled team in place, the buyer has the luxury of taking on a profitable and exceptionally well-managed company operating in five separate niche fields, while the scaling opportunities here are enormous.

The Five Brands

The current ownership acquired these five branded websites and has owned each one for at least three years. The sites each have solid longevity. Their nutritional supplements site has been in existence for 20+ years, while the others range in age from six to 10 years. Together, they have given the owners a massive digital presence in the overall market for online health care, wellness and beauty care products.

Their SKUs are sourced in different ways. The company now manufactures its own high-quality preservative-free liquid supplements and its own skincare oils. Other products are manufactured by reliable suppliers in both the U.S. and at overseas plants. All products are manufactured specifically for this brand.

Each brand has its own top sellers, so the company isn’t reliant on any single product to drive profits. Their Average Order Value also varies, from $25 to $109, and with such a diverse product mix, sales are not impacted by seasonal factors.

Marketing Five Brands

Having more than 100,000+ subscribers has given the brand an excellent opportunity to use email marketing to engage with customers and drive repeat sales, and they also use SMS text messaging and PPC ads on Google. With a strong presence on Amazon, the company has used PPC ads to rank its products on that platform with a strategy that focuses on obtaining higher conversion rates than competitors. This method has proven to be particularly effective at expanding their customer base.

The rest of the brand’s operations are managed just as efficiently.  Fulfillment By Amazon is used to ship products, giving them the ability to boost customer satisfaction levels through fast shipping times. Their inventory is stocked in a 4,000-square-foot warehouse in Miami before being sent to FBA. Daily operations are handled by an experienced team that includes a marketing manager, fulfillment manager, Amazon specialist, and supply chain manager. Despite operating five separate websites, daily operations are so turnkey that the current ownership works as little as five hours per week or less on these sites.

With such an impressively wide range of products in niche fields that continue to grow, this company demonstrates a masterful approach to generating sales within a competitive field. With multiple ways to scale each site, a buyer will have a terrific opportunity to grow these five platforms and increase profits substantially.

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Website Closers

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WC 3267

Asking Price
$ 6,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,275,271
Gross Income
$ 4,965,252
Year Established

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