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MultiBranded eCommerce Retailer in Smart Phone Charging & Thermoses – Shopify and Amazon Sales Channels


Website Closers® presents a fully charged eCommerce business with two unique, niche brands and accompanying websites. One website and brand successfully tapped into the explosive global market for smartphones and mobile devices, giving buyers a specialized store for wireless chargers and charging docks for their phones, tablets, smart devices, and gaming controllers. High demand for these products is inevitable and this company’s sales have performed well over time.

Their second brand and respective website successfully markets stainless steel koozies / thermoses for bottles, cans, and wine/liquor bottles. This niche brand has not only experienced fast-growing sales, but caught the attention of a major sports league. The brand is now finalizing a lucrative licensing agreement with the NCAA to put the league’s logo on a line of these thermos bottles. This partnership opens up immense opportunities to expand the brand with licensing agreements to other major leagues such as the NBA and NFL.

Both websites have been strikingly profitable, with revenues in December 2020 coming in a phenomenal NINE times higher than in 2019.

This company has done exceptionally well marketing its 22 SKUs – which includes 15 charging dock stations and 7 bottle thermoses – on the two Shopify platforms, although all SKUs are also available on the company’s Amazon store.

Scale opportunities go well beyond just sports licensing agreements. This company is poised for mammoth growth as they’re now getting a growing number of requests for wholesale orders as well, opening up an entirely new market.

The company could expand its product line with new and upgraded items to appeal to a more diverse audience. They could also expand Shopify and Amazon sales onto international platforms for a much wider reach.

The global wireless charging market is a swiftly growing and always relevant market due to smartphones and their ever-improving designs. The wireless charging market is expected to reach $40 Billion by 2027. After launching this niche site for unique charging dock stations in 2019, sales picked up as PPC ads on Google Shopping and social media marketing through Instagram and Facebook were implemented to connect with buyers.

Revenues have been strong as the company benefited from SEO optimization and improved marketing practices. The average order value is $52. Capitalizing on multifaceted offers such as these and themed bundles, the incoming owner could see an incredible spike in profits.

While about 70% of sales are now made through the brand’s Shopify platform, sales on Amazon have grown to span 30% of total revenue. Leveraging Fulfillment by Amazon for Amazon stock and orders and Shopify SFN for the brand’s site, this company has streamlined their supply chain while minimizing costs for undeniable results.

Their Seller Rating on Amazon is 4.6 stars and both brands have drawn rave reviews on both the Shopify site and Amazon. Increasing amazon listings and efforts while expanding onto their international platforms could drive extended awareness and growth.

With year-round profitability and an exclusive thermos mold, both sides of this company have been designed for lasting success. Exploring additional sports branding opportunities, and other large lifestyle branding for the bottle thermos are also phenomenal ways to drive increased interest and brand loyalty.

Though no marketing has been done to attract wholesale customers, the brands have been receiving requests that an incoming owner could benefit from. This brand now shows massive potential to expand dramatically into the wholesale market and drive revenues to stunning new heights.

On the marketing side, both brands have the potential to scale rapidly by adopting affiliate and influencer marketing, since neither strategy has been tapped into yet.

Product expansion offers another boundless opportunity. Since both websites are niche businesses, adding new products and upgraded models is likely to sharply expand the customer base. The same is true for expanding into international markets with the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada standing as the most promising options. Initial worldwide testing shows that there is enormous potential for international expansion on Shopify and Amazon sites in Europe and other nations.

The owner now spends 15-25 hours per week running these two sites, and primary tasks during the week include managing contractors, reviewing financials, and creating new marketing creatives.

With no full-time employees, the company relies on contractors who handle marketing, customer service, and inventory. They do employ the services of an inventory sourcing manager based in China who negotiates with manufacturers and suppliers, visits locations, reviews products, and ships samples before a new product is launched on either site.

The two brands now receive an average of 20-25 contacts per day from customers, mostly through email and Facebook Messenger.

A new owner would likely need a working capital level of $50,000 to start with. There are no special skills needed to run and grow this business, although an understanding of the basics of marketing would be extremely helpful.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of two niche brands that are certain to continue their escalating growth patterns. As long as people keep buying smartphones, while drinking either hot coffee or a cold drink, they will continue purchasing charging stations for their electronic devices and bottle thermos for that favorite drink.

The charging dock brand is well positioned to ride the same growth as smartphones in general have, and that’s why this phenomenally successful industry is projected to experience a 22% growth curve in the next five years. This niche brand demonstrated that by posting an explosive jump in gross revenue within a single year, thanks in no small part to the company’s tremendous success in its organic and SEO marketing campaigns.

The bottle thermos brand should also be poised for even bigger growth, particularly if this brand becomes the provider to top sports leagues eager for attractive, durable bottles to print their logo on.

The fact that both brands have attracted the attention of other businesses without any marketing efforts to expand into the wholesale market shows this company’s incredibly strategic SKU lines and. This business is ready for a dramatic expansion, one any buyer would be happy to be part of.

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