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Multistate Large Scale Electrical Contractor for Critical Infrastructure Facilities – $15M Backlog – $8M Pipeline – 17% Net Profit Margin – Operates in 8 States

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Website Closers® presents a Multistate, Large-Scale Electrical Contractor for critical infrastructure facilities. The business has exhibited consistent top and bottom-line figures over numerous years, proving its longevity and security as an investment. Now with nearly $4M in earnings and a huge amount of job opportunities going forward, the company is well positioned for future success … especially due to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a once in a generation development of our country’s infrastructure.

The company has a track record of completing numerous tenant fit-out projects, delivering highquality workmanship and on-time services even under the tightest deadlines. From power wiring and lighting to emergency power systems, service upgrades, lighting control systems, fire alarms, and more, the team possesses the expertise to tackle the most challenging electrical projects. They work closely with clients to ensure that every project is not only completed on time and within budget but also prioritize safety as their utmost concern. The company’s electricians are actively engaged in every aspect of installations and repairs, drawing upon their extensive knowledge, training, and experience to meet clients’ needs effectively.

Federal-level facilities come with unique challenges, each with specific needs and demands. Tending to the electrical systems of government institutions is a substantial responsibility, especially when they encounter issues. The business frequently lends its expertise to government projects, offering dependable maintenance, repairs, installations, and other essential services. They have worked with government institutions at all levels, consistently executing projects promptly to minimize disruptions. The team goes the extra mile to ensure all work is completed precisely and adheres to relevant building codes.

Electrical problems can often emerge unexpectedly, leaving clients in a quandary about how to restore power and maintain their business operations. Whether due to aging electrical equipment or inadequate long-term preventive maintenance, there are various reasons for these malfunctions. The company excels at troubleshooting and repairing critical equipment, diagnosing issues comprehensively, and presenting clients with viable solutions to effectively resolve or replace defective equipment or components in the shortest possible time. Their unique troubleshooting approach enables them to analyze circuits methodically and identify issues logically. Without routine inspections and maintenance, equipment failure can lead to severe safety risks, inefficiency, and increased maintenance expenses. Implementing a maintenance program is essential to curbing the rising failure rate of electrical equipment and has enabled the business to maintain many recurring customers.

An existing 4,500-square-foot office building is currently in use. If a buyer intends to relocate the business, a similar space will be required. The company’s sales process typically begins with project bidding. Once awarded, they proceed with the job and bill the client accordingly. Projects usually range from $800 to $6 million, with many falling on the larger end of the spectrum. They hold Master Electrician Licenses in 8 states, with opportunities to acquire more for further expansion into new regions. It’s worth noting that the customer base is diverse, with no single client contributing more than 10% of total annual revenue.

The owner works full-time and has a team of over 90 staff and contractors.

Thanks to an excellent reputation and long-standing presence in the industry, marketing efforts are relatively minimal. Primary endeavors involve organic posts on platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn, and their website.

The assets included in the sale encompass 25 vehicles, trailers, and an extensive inventory of tools.

The seller anticipates a promising and resilient future. Their services remain in high demand, regardless of economic conditions, as they play a vital role in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of essential facilities. With the increasing reliance on technology and the need for reliable power systems, continual success and growth seem inevitable. For potential buyers, this presents a stable and lucrative investment opportunity. The company’s potential for expansion is substantial, with the chance to enter new regions and diversify its range of services. In an ever-changing world, its role in guaranteeing a steady power supply remains indispensable.

The ideal buyer for this business would be another electrical contractor or a group with a similar level of expertise. The transition of customer relations should be seamless, and the owner is willing to stay on board for up to a year to ensure a thorough handover.

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Asking Price
$ 23,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 3,742,168
Gross Income
$ 22,435,228
Year Established

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