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National Technology Company Selling & Installing Security Equipment to Commercial & Residential Properties – $15,000 AOV – 30% Repeat Order Rate

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Website Closers® presents a Technology Company that provides Low Voltage Products & Services, including high-definition video surveillance camera installations to both commercial and residential properties, and now government contracts as well. Based in Florida, the company is licensed and insured to handle projects nationwide, and they have grown steadily over the past 7 years due to their national approach.

In fact, the company has seen its year-over-year revenue expand so rapidly that they have put no money at all into paid marketing, relying instead on organic traffic to their website, and strong word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

Those referrals are an important factor because they have given this brand a reputation as a reliable and trusted vendor that puts a high emphasis on quality products, expert installation and dependable customer service.

This is also a rapidly growing field, bolstered by the fact that technology has led to significant improvements in high-definition cameras. In fact, the market for these cameras has undergone an impressive transformation from digital to smart imaging, with a much wider range of visualizing technologies in the imaging ecosystem.

The demand for HD Security Cameras is increasing sharply among both commercial and residential property owners because of the safety and security benefits of using these sophisticated video surveillance systems.

Government agencies are also helping to drive the sale of HD security cameras, requesting that they be placed not only in government buildings but also in public areas to help maintain community safety.

Emerging smart infrastructure projects that include smart homes and buildings and smart cities are also adapting these cameras to protect homes, businesses and communal areas such as parks and downtown shopping areas.

This brand has become a textbook example of how to successfully operate in this lucrative industry.

This company has been in the industry for 7 years. Their work includes high-end residential and commercial installations of surveillance camera systems, data/network wiring, access control card readers and speakers and PA systems.

Their work has brought the company a massive number of 5 Star reviews from satisfied customers, who are happy to recommend them to family, friends, and coworkers. Their quality work has also doubled their earnings from 2021 to 2022.

The company has put a strong emphasis on a fast turnaround once a new order comes in, ensuring they always have adequate inventory available to start a project the next day. Their team of HD security experts also devotes time to research & development on the latest AI trends in this field so they can continue to introduce new products as soon as they become available rather than relying on older models.

The company has its own brand model they created which is manufactured directly for them, and they have grown to more than 50+ products altogether. The average cost for the product and installation is $15,000, and customers come back for more. Their Repeat Customer Rate is now 30%+ and rising.

While their focus in recent years has been commercial and light industrial properties, the company decided in 2022 to include residential properties as well, which are now 20%+ of their sales. There has been a particularly high demand for residential alarm systems. This is an area that can grow rapidly under new ownership.

The company recently diversified in another way, by completing the first military project awarded to them. A federal defense contractor for the U.S. military and its allies recently added this agency to their list of preferred vendors and this company is anticipating many more bids for new military base installations. The company projects that government work will become a significant part of their revenue stream moving forward.

The company is able to carry out these tasks because they have an experienced team in place that includes four office workers who handle dispatch, bookkeeping, customer support and sales; two fulltime technicians and 8 technician subcontractors.

Because this team handles daily operations, the current ownership spends no more than 10 hours per week operating the business, mostly focusing on answering emails and dispatching the technicians to job sites.

While glowing reviews and enthusiastic customer referrals have enabled the company to continue boosting sales without an advertising budget, they have used SEO effectively to increase their organic traffic.

The company invested in literally hundreds of popular keywords used for this industry in search engines when people want a high-definition security system, and because of that the company ranks at the top on all map searches done on Google for this niche space.

They also have an educational and informative blog on their website to further expand their customer base, and as a result, have not needed to invest in PPC ad spends.

The company also increases its organic traffic through social media marketing, including on Instagram where they maintain 12,000+ followers.

Of course, there are multiple ways this company could diversify its digital marketing to grow sales even further, including by utilizing email marketing, expanding onto new social media platforms, using video marketing on sites such as TikTok and YouTube, and running their first PPC ad campaign.

The company now has $150,000+ in inventory that will be provided to the buyer, as well as five work vans and eight rental offices. They are now exploring the opportunity to open new offices in Florida and additional cities such as Atlanta to grow sales and to take on a larger sales team.

In an age when everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home, office, or in public places, the advanced technologies that HD security cameras provide have sent sales skyrocketing. This company has a firmly established reputation in this field for quality work, and that reputation is something a buyer gets to enjoy

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Asking Price
$ 3,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 746,871
Gross Income
$ 1,921,039
Year Established

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