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Niche Micro Rewards Platform – 4.2 Million Users – Multiple Revenue Streams – 5 Years in Business – 3 Million Email Subs – Mobile & Website Apps

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Website Closers® presents a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app and website that users visit to complete tasks such as surveys, videos, and app installs to earn micropayments in Cryptocurrencies, like LiteCoin, DOGE, DASH and Bitcoin.. The model gives those users a revenue share of each offer they fulfill, supplemented with unique gamified features and frequent promotions.

Income is spread across surveys, offers, app installs and an in-house PTC ad engine. Only a slight portion is currently generated from traditional advertising, such as banner ads and sponsored placements.

When users cash out, they can convert their US Dollar balance to cryptocurrency and send it to their chosen wallet address.

Value Propositions

This compelling investment opportunity exhibits multiple key valuation points.

With over five years in operation, the company has established itself as a reputable and trusted name within the crypto GPT niche. It boasts strong brand recognition, including 80,000 daily active users, demonstrating that its community is not only substantial but also actively engaged.

The platform also incorporates innovative gamification features that enhance user engagement and retention. These features keep users actively participating and create a sense of fun and competition, fostering loyalty. The 51% revenue share for users completing offers is a significant incentive, making it an attractive option in the space.

Revenue is derived from various avenues, reducing reliance on a single source and increasing scalability. The owners have cultivated solid relationships with survey and offer providers, ensuring a continuous flow of opportunities for users.

The use of custom-built technology, including a LEMP stack and Flutter framework, provides flexibility and scalability, keeping the platform adaptable to technological advancements. The availability of a mobile app for Android and a mobile-friendly website ensures users can access the platform conveniently, aligning with the prevalent use of these devices.

With actively involved owners, the company offers continuity and dedicated support post-acquisition.

A list of 3 million email subscribers can be utilized for marketing purposes to provide a direct and cost-effective means to engage with users and promote new offers and features.

The brand has a strong organic social media presence, boasting 165,000 X (Twitter) followers, driving its marketing efforts. Engaging in promotions, mini-games, and events on social media extends its reach and interaction with the user community.

Marketing & Partnerships

Few other marketing strategies are utilized. Due to its established industry presence, the company primarily relies on organic partner attraction. In the past, the team conducted competitor analysis to identify high-performing partners and proactively approached them.

Significant opportunity exists to boost revenue by engaging with new traditional advertisers through straightforward outreach efforts. Doing so could open up a substantial revenue stream for the business.

Providers continually introduce new offers and surveys, which the system routinely categorizes and prioritizes multiple times daily. While no provider contracts exist, the company maintains excellent relationships with these partners and regularly collaborates on exclusive promotions.

Additionally, the management team publishes new ads on the paid-to-click (PTC) platform twice daily.

Historically, the business is stable year-round, with seasonal peaks during Q3 and Q4. Other events, such as major elections, can also provide short-term boosts.

Operations & Workload

The three owners work approximately 50 hours weekly combined.

The first is focused on the development and tech stack, running promotions, coordinating seasonal events, managing network offers, and PTC ad review. Another handles customer support, fraud control, payment review and automation. The third manages finances, vendor relationships, and advertising sales.

Three employees work in customer support, and a fourth manages social media.

The owners are willing to stay on with reduced equity if that structure makes sense for all involved. However, they are motivated to provide post-acquisition support and services to transition the business to a new owner, even if the deal does not require them to stay for the long term.

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WC 3190

Asking Price
$ 1,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 655,286
Gross Income
$ 2,301,008
Year Established

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