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Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Company with DTC Website Sales – Natural Ingredients, Gluten Free and Made in the USA

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Nutritional Supplements Brand that offers a wide variety of Natural Health SKUs, including daily essentials, beauty supplements, mood management, hormone and anti-aging supplements, and much more. The company runs on an average 20% net margin in a highly sought-after field within the consumables health and wellness industry. Their customer base continues to drive this company’s brand recognition as a top provider of expertly tested nutritional supplements. Consumers have provided this brand with highly enthusiastic reviews for their unique line of supplements that help buyers address a wide range of ailments — and do so successfully.

As a brand that focuses on products that are physician-tested, made from all natural ingredients, and are market tested to respond to customer demands, this company is rapidly becoming a significant player in this profitable niche space. There’s no question that the entire health & wellness industry is now experiencing a boom as more people become interested in boosting their overall well-being, and as more Baby Boomers age and find themselves dealing with new health concerns.

The global nutritional supplements market was valued at a phenomenal $310.4 billion in 2020 and is projected to continue expanding by 6.2% through 2028. An increasing health awareness among consumers has driven up sales of supplements that address specific issues but at the same time are cost-effective and can be easily purchased online. It helps that the industry’s marketing is often done by leading health authorities. The World Health Organization reports that eating a healthy diet for maintaining a strong immune system is a vital approach for a fast recovery from illness, and today immunity boosting supplements are frequently cited as a good source for maintaining that balance.

eCommerce has made these nutritional supplements considerably more accessible to buyers, and online platforms have been flourishing in the past few years as consumer demand increases. This brand, however, has some unique strengths that should make this offering a particularly appealing one to a smart buyer.

The brand fills an important gap in the market. This company was launched five years ago with a specific mission: to address what its founders viewed as the epidemic of people overmedicating. With prescription medications becoming exorbitantly expensive and a rising number of people using more than one prescription, the company set out to develop a better solution, one that employed a more holistic approach. The goal was to create nutrients that were all natural and would do a better job of addressing the health issues that people were struggling with.

Concentrating on natural health products, the company consults with scientific experts who custom formulate their SKUs to reach their maximum potential. Based on new scientific advances, the company works with its experts to develop their formulas, and all products are sourced in the U.S.

From the start, the brand has wisely evaluated the demand for their products in the direct response niche market and has been able to attract an increasing wide audience for supplements that provide nutrients for vision health, hearing loss, brain functioning, and bladder control, among other ailments.

Direct Mail has been their leading sales channel. The brand has two eCommerce websites and a growing presence on Amazon as well, and with 26 SKUs to market, sales have been strong on their high Average Order Value of $146.  Since people take supplements daily, the company has not experienced any seasonal factors. What is interesting about this particular supplement company is that the brand has also performed exceptionally well through their Direct Mail campaigns, which now generate 92% of sales. Their DM promotions have included front end marketing strategies and a back-end loyalty retention that continues to convert well. Their online marketing strategy is working fabulously because they are focused on building customer loyalty and retention.

The brand also has an educational and informative blog on their website and have done SEO optimization on their websites to ensure they rank highly on search engines. The enterprise also maintains a strong presence on social media to build brand awareness and they have attracted 8,000+ followers on Instagram and 5,000+ followers on Facebook. Newsletters are effectively used for email marketing.

The foundation is set for growth. This company is ideally positioned for rapid expansion. In addition to having products that customers want and a smart marketing plan, the company has a fully automated system in place. Products are 100% stocked in their 3PL warehouses in Florida and Maine, and sales have been so consistent that the company now maintains 4 months’ worth of inventory at all times.

Daily operations are handled by a full-time fulfillment manager and a part-time CRM management assistant, and both work remotely. The owners spend no more than 15 hours per week on the business, which is ready to begin expanding.

The company has already been approved by Health Canada for sales in that nation, and their Amazon platform would be ideal for an international expansion into other nations as well.

The product line could easily be expanded, as they have the research team and scientific experts in place to develop new supplements to address different medical conditions. Either approach would send their sales skyrocketing.

In the past five years, this brand has created a solid footprint in the Supplements market with its highly branded line of products, and expansion opportunities are waiting to be launched. When they do, there is no question this company will continue to achieve massive success and high levels of profitability.

For a new buyer, there is substantial value in this offering that makes it crystal clear why they have thousands of loyal customers. Contact Website Closers today to get a healthy look at this company’s many attributes and their equally enviable future.

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Asking Price
$ 1,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 414,325
Gross Income
$ 3,611,082
Year Established

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