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Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand | 100% YOY Growth, 3 Straight Years | 32% Repeat Order Rate | 10,000+ Monthly Product Subscribers

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce private label Nutritional Supplement Brand for sale, operating profitably in the lucrative Health & Nutrition Field, offering customers proprietary products that improve their blood pressure and overall well being. With a growing number of holistic healing offers, the company’s strongest marketing tools have been testimonials from their satisfied customers who can attest to the effectiveness of their supplements and a very effective content marketing strategy.

This business represents a clear opportunity for a Buyer to acquire this company, scale it rapidly by launching new products (the company now has several new supplements in development), while also starting an Influencer Marketing campaign to drive brand recognition higher.

Building that trust into their products has been crucial for the brand, which has enjoyed 100% YOY Growth in the past 3 years and expects to see the same in 2024. The loyalty of their customer base is clear from the fact that 10,000+ buyers have become monthly subscribers, and their Repeat Customer Rate just shot up to 32%. With an Average Order Value of $56, their Lifetime Customer Value is an impressive $270, and they are shipping 700+ products a day.

In addition to developing its own trademarked, brand-name products, the company has diversified its sales channels and now sells on its Shopify website, Amazon, eBay, and TikTok Shop. Their sales on Amazon have grown rapidly and now represent 61% of the company’s profits, compared to 33% on their website.

As their brand recognition has improved, their sales on Shopify have increased 300%, while their sales on Amazon are growing 10% higher month over month. Driven in part by PPC ad campaigns on social media sites such as Facebook and TikTok, the company has become highly skilled at testing and creating new digital content that continues driving sales higher and attracting new customers. That includes posting three educational and informative blogs on their website that are well-read by customers.

The company likewise benefits from having captured a phenomenal follower database that includes 181,000+ email subscribers and an additional 38,000+ SMS text message subscribers. Remarkably, the company is adding 1,000+ new subscribers to both every day.

With supplements in high demand today and the global nutritional supplements market valued at $381 billion and growing at a 6.3% rate, the company has wisely recognized that launching new products is a surefire way to scale quickly. The brand has two new supplements in development and is exploring additional options, including creating liquid tablet versions of their top-selling SKUs.

Business Broker Takeaway 

Our analysis of this business revealed several key value propositions for a buyer looking for an online company enjoying soaring profits in an evergreen and high-demand vertical, with proprietary products and the ability to scale quickly. We anticipate buyers will recognize that value for 3 important reasons:

1. Proprietary Products. From the start, this online supplement brand has focused on providing customers with products that contain clean ingredients, including holistic and herbal supplements that support overall health. The products are developed after conducting scientific studies that demonstrate how effective they are. The company’s strong customer return rate shot up from 21% to 32% in 2024 and they now have 6,000+ active subscribers on Amazon and 3,500+ on Shopify, and those customers are providing glowing reviews that serve to attract even more supplement buyers.

2. Multiple Sales Channels. While the company started on its Shopify website, it has grown to include Amazon, which now makes up the majority of their sales. The company also expanded to social media sales on and eBay, a new site just starting to generate profits. While the company has 10 active SKUs, there are more in development, and the company is exploring additional opportunities to expand its catalog, including offering liquid versions of its tablets. The sales are coming in strong, as the company is taking 300+ daily orders on its website and 700+ on Amazon.

3. Growth Opportunities. Expanding their SKUs is one strong option for scaling this company, but not the only one. Having successfully marketed on social media sites, the company could launch an Influencer Marketing campaign to build additional trust with customers and enhance their brand recognition, while introducing their products to an even larger audience. The company could also direct its marketing more aggressively toward its top-selling products to scale them more rapidly while targeting wholesale and retail accounts for a strong B2B marketing launch.

The Company

Launched in 2019, the company has focused from the start on developing proprietary supplements that help people control their blood pressure, gut health, and cholesterol. Their other major focus has been on customer service, and the company’s highly enthusiastic customer testimonials and monthly subscribers demonstrate how efficiently they handle customer outreach. Blood pressure supplements remain the company’s best-selling niche product.

The company offers another advantage to a buyer: supplements are evergreen, and once a customer finds a product they like and trust, they tend to use it regularly. The company is not impacted by any seasonal factors, as their sales remain vibrant all year long.

Their products are also private labeled and trademark protected, allowing the buyer to market products that customers can’t get anywhere else in the competitive supplements vertical.

Operations & Marketing

Their products are sourced from four primary third-party manufacturers, and the company has cultivated trusted and strong relationships with each one. All products are custom formulations manufactured directly for this company.

While the company uses Fulfillment By Amazon for all sales made on that platform, the company stocks all products sold outside of Amazon. Those products are shipped from their warehouse. The company needs up to 2,000 square feet of warehouse space and sometimes leases additional space when orders pick up. They always maintain at least two months’ worth of inventory to keep up with demand.

The current ownership works around 20 hours per week, with an experienced team of employees handling daily operations. That includes a fulfillment manager, two customer service representatives, a designer, and an email marketer.

Their marketing is multi-faceted and includes email and SMS text messaging, PPC ad spends on Google, Facebook, and across social media, and an SEO program that includes posting three blogs per week that focus on educating customers about health, food, nutrition, and wellness topics. The company does an excellent job of engaging with customers and boosting its organic traffic. In the past year, their average monthly visits rose from 122,000+ to 200,000+, with additional increases monthly.

Having enjoyed growth rates ranging from 100% to 300% over consecutive years, this brand has become well-established within its vertical and has a loyal customer base and high recurring revenues to show it. Launching new and improved versions of their top-selling hero products is likely to put this company – and its new owner – on a path toward significant growth in the coming years.

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Asking Price
$ 14,995,000
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$ 3,332,367
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$ 17,000,000
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