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Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand | Financial QoE Completed | Strong CAGR | 25% Net Margins | Proprietary Formulas | Subscription Revenue

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Website Closers® introduces an eCommerce Brand specializing in health and beauty products within the Nutritional Supplements Vertical. Their natural supplements aid in appetite control, metabolism enhancement, weight management, increased energy, improved digestion, and more, assisting customers in achieving their health, fitness, and beauty objectives.

Operating across high-demand categories in the health and wellness industry, the company collaborates directly with manufacturers to ensure top-quality ingredients and unique proprietary blends. This approach facilitates fast and reliable shipping, setting their products apart from competitors.

The company’s products are available across multiple online sales channels, including, their branded website,,, and They have seen 16% month-over-month growth for their Amazon channel and have plans in place to significantly grow their revenue throughout 2024, something that a buyer of this business will benefit from on day one.

Business Broker Takeaways

1. Growing Amazon Channel. The brand’s Amazon Subscribe & Save channel has been on the rise, seeing a current month over month growth rate of 16% and an average subscription length of 6 months. They have plans in place to grow this revenue channel over the course of 90 days. They anticipate their revenue reaching 118,000 by day 30, $267,000 by 60, and $413,000 by 90.

2. Strong Foundation. The brand’s products aren’t the only healthy things they have to offer, as shown by their respectable statistics. They see consistent (YOY) growth ranging from 10 to 15%, have an Average Order Value (AOV) of $73, 25% Net Profit Margins, and a Repeat Purchase Rate of 18%.

3. Unique Products. This trademarked company has put in the work to set themselves apart from the many competitors in the health and wellness market. Their extensive line of brands and formulas, which span popular categories such as Keto Supplements, Blood Pressure Support, and Weight Management, are all proprietary, preventing their rivals from benefitting from any of their successful products.


The company has grown rapidly since inception. TTM earnings are almost 2X what the company generated for earnings in 2022 and there’s far more room to grow.

Revenue distribution sees 55% from Amazon, 35% from their Shopify storefront, and the remaining 10% from eBay, Walmart, and Wish sales. Their inventory model is 100% stock-based, shipped from their warehouse and Amazon FBA facilities. Packing and shipping are managed locally, with a multinational logistics firm handling daily order collection and delivery.

New inventory orders are placed quarterly, with standard payment terms of 50% down and the remainder upon shipment. A robust digital marketing strategy yields a strong ROAS of 4, led by Google and Amazon Ads at the top of the funnel, followed by eBay and Walmart campaigns midfunnel, and email campaigns at the bottom.

Focused efforts on Amazon PPC drive product ranking improvement, resulting in enhanced profitability and subscription growth. Additionally, the company identifies and capitalizes on emerging keyword trends and label designs, swiftly launching new products across multiple platforms for rapid profit generation.

With a diverse product range appealing to customers of all demographics, the brand enjoys stable sales year-round, peaking from January to March post-holiday season. The owner dedicates 20 hours weekly to tasks such as sourcing, optimizing listings, managing personnel, inventory, advertising, and content creation, supported by a team of fulfillment managers, customer service agents, and general contractors.

The seller prioritizes a smooth transition, offering comprehensive training and potential equity retention to facilitate continued growth. Positioned within a rapidly expanding industry driven by health consciousness and eCommerce accessibility, the brand’s innovative products and buyer potential promise further success.

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WC 3390

Asking Price
$ 11,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,815,667
Gross Income
$ 12,582,519
Year Established

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