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Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand with an R&D Laboratory & Fulfillment Partner to Reduce the Need to Stock Inventory – Strong Affiliate Sales

Website Closers® presents a high growth Nutritional Supplements Brand that focuses its All-Natural Products on the Baby Boomer & Affluent Demographic Segments. This eCommerce Company stands out from all other Supplements companies we sell at Website Closers in 3 important ways: (1) a fulfillment company handles the sourcing of all products, with no inventory to be stocked (inventory management is normally a big cash flow concern for high growth Supplements Companies), (2) the company has traditionally sold its products online via Direct-to-Consumer methods from its website, including a heavy emphasis on Affiliate Marketing (the company is currently expanding into digital marketplaces and building additional in-house brands to further expand upon the foundation it built in the DTC online space), and (3) they have carefully developed their nutritional, beauty and health care products with their own laboratory that employs trained professionals who develop and test new products.

The brand’s sales have soared as they successfully target people looking for natural remedies to stay healthy and fit, especially the older demographic. Problems that this company provides solutions to with their products for the aging demographic include proprietary supplements that tackle Blood Pressure, Tinnitus, Bladder Relief, Acid Reflux, Dental & Gum Support, Immunity, Joint Relief, Keto and many more.

A key to their success and ability to thrive in a competitive field has been authenticity. The company only produces supplements that are 100% naturally effective and backed by clinical case studies. These high potency supplements have drawn highly enthusiastic reviews for strength and fitness, daily performance, vision, and other health concerns. As their customer base has expanded, the company can now demonstrate that it has helped tens of thousands of people improve the beauty of their skin, exceed their physical health goals, develop sharper vision, and enjoy the benefits of products that are safe and intended for long-term use.

The brand is operating within a phenomenally profitable industry. The global market for health supplements is now valued at $124 Billion, with projections that it will reach $200 Billion by 2026, driven by an increased desire among Americans in general to become and stay healthy. More than half of all Americans take one or more dietary supplements each day. These products are also very popular because they can be purchased without a prescription and are readily available online.

Launched in 2015, the company started out by marketing an acclaimed skin care supplement. The success of that plant-based product, designed as a total skin rejuvenation package in one capsule, became a rapid success with both men and women, appealing instantly to aging Baby Boomers eager to look and feel younger after reaching age 50 and older. One key to their success has been the company’s development lab, efficiently used to create a host of brand name products. Their supplements are designed to address a wide variety of health and nutritional needs through all-natural means.

The company began sourcing its products from a fulfillment company based in the United States, with all products sold under their brand name. The brand now offers 20 SKUs, and with an Average Order Value of $200, sales have been growing, and the company now ships between 300 and 500 orders every day. Sales are up 168% in the TTM compared to 2020, which was also a stellar year for the entire Supplements Industry. This continued growth proves positive that there is not a COVID bump built into this company’s financials – as that growth continues to this day and will continue to grow as they expand products, brands and marketplaces.

Sales remain steady year-round, with no seasonal slowdowns. Several of their products have become best sellers, including their supplements for nerve control, blood pressure and tinnitus. They continuously research new products for potential development, and with both a lab and no inventory costs on their side, R&D is not only low cost, but allows for an almost zero risk growth plan for virtually any product. As noted above, products are shipped directly from the manufacturer and the brand does not maintain any inventory. Their sales channels are diverse and include their own website and, more recently, Amazon, which is now making up a rising percentage of sales. The company uses Fulfillment by Amazon for those orders, so there is some inventory now being held there.

Their smart digital marketing plans have been the foundation of their business, which provides a huge opportunity for an acquirer to come in an learn their methods to further develop their own brands. As an example, a company that primarily sells dietary supplements on could acquire this business not just to take the target’s products and more fully develop them on Amazon, but also to take the buyer’s current products and launch them using DTC techniques perfected by this business. Email marketing has been one of the company’s great strengths. They now have an email database with over 150,000 subscribers, which has been instrumental in introducing new subscribers to promotions, special deals, new products, and retargeting. Their SEO program is also major contributor to their success, since they have their website fully optimized for keywords that help the site rank high in search engines. The brand also has two educational and informative news blogs on their website, which offer the latest health news on alternative medicine along with tips on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Their social media accounts are used for the promotion of PPC ads and for a successful affiliates marketing campaign, and both have helped drive sales. Today, the company’s Repeat Customer rate is 15% and rising.

The brand could expand its presence on Amazon and begin adding listings to other popular eCommerce sites, such as Walmart to increase sales. These sites have already become a popular online location for a wide variety of natural supplements, so the audience is there for this brand’s specialized SKUs.

It now takes about 30 hours each week to operate the business. Primary tasks include developing new products, marketing, optimizing existing offers, and enhancing their affiliate relationships. The company employs several contractors who focus on content development.

In a competitive and lucrative field, this brand has established itself in the past six years and enjoys rising sales, recurring revenues, excellent name recognition, and a loyal customer base – all enormous strengths moving forward. The glowing 5 Star reviews this company has received comes from satisfied customers who say their products work exactly as advertised. That’s a tremendous marketing tool for a buyer.

This is an exceptional opportunity for a buyer who gets a brand name with unique products and vibrant sales. Their profits are very healthy, and so is the company’s outlook for an expansion.

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