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Online Casino Review Website – Multiple Revenue Sources – 98% Margins – No Employees or Inventory

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that appeals to casino lovers flocking to the iGaming world. The company provides its users with 16 online casinos, while at the same time building up customer loyalty through their reviews of different casinos. That’s translated into high visitor numbers that appeals to advertisers.

This company’s success comes from their niche position and reputation within the field of Crypto Gambling, a growing field with enormous future potential. While attracting an increasingly large audience for their online casinos and reviews — the company is averaging 3,000+ unique visitors each month – the brand has found multiple ways to monetize their website. That includes banner ad sales, listing fees for casinos, and affiliate income.

This company is further helped by the fact that online gambling has soared in the past few years, experiencing a major resurgence since the pandemic lockdowns, as millions of people became more comfortable using a wide range of online services.

In fact, the global online gambling market size was valued at $57.54 billion in 2021, with projections for an 11.7% growth rate through 2030. One significant factor driving this growth has been the use of mobile phones to enjoy online games in both public places and at home, making gambling more convenient to play than ever before.

The newest form of iGaming is Crypto gambling, which allows people to cash out their winnings with digital currencies rather than traditional money. The combination of online gambling with cryptocurrency is highly popular with those who trade in bitcoin, and cryptocurrency is now enjoying massive growth and is accepted by a wide range of outlets, including gambling platforms. Suddenly people can enjoy the quick transfer of large amounts of money simply by clicking on their mouse.

To better understand how this company created a profitable business around iGaming, let’s review their history.

Launched in October 2020, the company put a high emphasis on quality, reviewing 16 casinos on their site, ensuring they had strong on-page SEO to maximize the use of popular keywords, and creating an attractive and userfriendly design.

They came online just as crypto casinos started booming in popularity. The strong adoption and increasingly widespread use of cryptocurrencies helped created an ever-expanding audience of people who love gambling and chose to engage in online gaming using bitcoin.

One of the company’s strengths has included attracting a global audience to their site, since the appeal of iGaming isn’t limited to the U.S. As their audience continued to expand, the company earned revenue from the banner ads they sell on their front page, which includes monthly fees applied to the top 3 placements. The company also charges a $1,000 listing fee for each new casino added to the site.

This website also requires no major working capital, outside of the hosting fee for their domain.

This company is a great reminder of how far a strong SEO program can take any business operating online today. In fact, their SEO program and website optimization efforts are generating 95% of their organic traffic today.

They put a strong emphasis on content marketing. A significant amount of their content has been translated into a variety of languages to ensure they get excellent global coverage.

The remarkable growth this website has enjoyed in just a few years demonstrates how to build up sales volume and generate higher revenue without the need for paid advertising. The company continues attracting people who have a passion for gambling, and as long as those risk takers are flocking to their website, the company will be able to continue attracting advertising dollars and new affiliates.

There are also ways to scale quickly using other digital marketing methods. A lot of new organic traffic could be generated through a social media marketing campaign, targeted to iGamers and those who use cryptocurrency – both massively expanding audiences.

The company has generated some of its interest and activity on Twitter and could put more emphasis on this site and social media platforms. In addition, attracting more online casinos to the site would also provide a major revenue boost.

A major advantage to the buyer who acquires this business is that doesn’t require more than 1-2 hours per week to operate. Daily operations are very limited and mainly consist of communicating with the casinos the company works with and onboarding new ones. The current ownership also handles customer service inquiries and this business is so highly automated that the owner doesn’t need any employees to manage ongoing tasks.

Innovative companies find unique ways to drive revenues, and this company did that by recognizing the tremendous market for cryptocurrency users and those who find online gambling considerably more enjoyable than driving or flying to a major casino. Combining the two into a widely viewed website that enjoys top dollar from its ad sales and affiliate revenue was a masterstroke. With plenty of options for growing this turnkey business, this is an amazing opportunity for a buyer.

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Asking Price
$ 450,000
Cash Flow
$ 146,718
Gross Income
$ 148,658
Year Established

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