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Online Courses & Teacher Training for the Fitness & Preventive Health Sector – 100 Instructors Worldwide – $323 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a dynamic eLearning Business that provides online training courses in the Health & Wellness Vertical, specifically, the practice of Qigong. This well-run tech company has grown steadily since 2020 and garnered a loyal global customer base of holistic medicine followers, glowing reviews, and a stellar reputation. The foundation of this company is solid and ready for additional scale.

Qigong & Wellness

In recent years, wellness practices have gained significant traction as individuals seek holistic approaches to maintain their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Among the various practices, Qigong has become a popular choice. Rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy and traditional medicine developed thousands of years ago, it combines gentle movements, focused breathing, and meditation to cultivate and balance the body’s vital energy, known as “Qi.”

The wellness industry has witnessed remarkable growth as more people recognize the importance of self-care and preventive health practices. Qigong has emerged as a valuable component within this industry, with increasing numbers of individuals and organizations embracing and promoting its benefits. Wellness centers, gyms, and community centers now offer qigong classes, workshops, and retreats to cater to the growing demand.

Moreover, the digital era has played a crucial role in the expansion of the vertical. Online platforms provide convenient access to instructional videos, virtual classes, and communities, enabling individuals to train and learn in the comfort of their own homes. This accessibility has further contributed to the popularity and growth of the business.

Operational Efficiencies

This eLearning Business has achieved success as a result of various practices. Firstly, the owner has uniquely fused millennia-old Taoist qigong practices with contemporary scientific understanding. This holistic approach allows individuals to benefit from time-honored traditional techniques strengthened by the backing of modern research and knowledge.

Additionally, management has developed comprehensive educational resources. With over 40 professionally designed online courses, teacher training programs both online and offline, and hundreds of free instructional videos on YouTube, the business offers an impressive wealth of resources. These materials have been carefully curated and designed by education experts from Harvard and Stanford, ensuring the highest standards.

Human Capital

The owner focuses primarily on managing his assistant, liaising with the ad and email marketing agencies, and new product development.

One full-time employee is the operations and customer support director, handling tech support, basic website tasks, and customer emails and support.

The company’s robust network of over 100 qualified instructors worldwide makes its teachings widely accessible in most languages. These teachers are deeply knowledgeable in qigong and related practices. They are also trained in cutting-edge science, providing nuanced and informed guidance to their students.

Furthermore, the teachings encompass physical, mental, and emotional health, offering a comprehensive approach to well-being. This integrative method addresses health concerns from multiple angles, providing a more balanced and complete path to wellness.

The qigong practices taught by the team empower individuals to manage their health effectively. The knowledge and techniques shared encourage self-healing, fostering resilience and self-reliance in personal health and wellness management.

Marketing & Scale

The digital marketing strategy comprises social media advertising, PPC, and SEO through blog posts and weekly YouTube Videos.

Full-funnel and email marketing are outsourced to agencies, while contractors manage social media and edit videos.

As successful as the business is, there is tremendous room for scale. Expanding social media advertising and aggressively pursuing new prospects would likely yield excellent returns. Management has also identified a potentially lucrative opportunity by developing an app that will engage customers, provide extensive metrics, and keep the company front of mind. Introducing new courses is low-hanging fruit and would encourage customers to continue training, increasing lifetime value. Additional methods include licensing instructors and launching an influencer marketing campaign.

Qigong has gained momentum as a wellness practice due to its holistic approach and numerous benefits. The industry surrounding qigong is expanding rapidly, with a growing number of practitioners, organizations, and digital platforms promoting it. As people continue to prioritize their well-being, it is poised to flourish further as an integral part of the wellness landscape.

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$ 956,256
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