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Online Education & Operations Service Platform – eLearning Tools for Building eCommerce Businesses – Multiple Post-Training Services – 50% Renewal Rate

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Website Closers® presents a standout Technology Company that empowers individuals to Start Their Own eCommerce Businesses without the challenges of starting from scratch. The innovative team builds the entire store for its clients and educates them in foundational strategies, catering to the burgeoning interest among those seeking additional income streams.

In an era where online entrepreneurship has become a beacon of financial independence, the allure of eCommerce has gripped many, thanks to the abundance of online content showcasing success stories and lucrative opportunities. Yet, for countless aspiring entrepreneurs, the roadblock has always been the lack of expertise and time. This company bridges that gap, offering a comprehensive solution for those with the capital to invest but lacking the hours due to other commitments, often involving full-time jobs.

Service Offerings

The most popular program targets aspiring entrepreneurs using novel tactics that provides the end user with a seamless journey to developing an eCommerce website and succeeding well in sales and marketing. The team builds and launches the entire business, allowing clients to bypass the steep learning curve and lengthy setup process. But their support doesn’t end there. These services ensure that once the store is up and running, it thrives in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

While the starting program costs $10,000, management acknowledges that needs and ambitions vary significantly from client to client. Therefore, they offer a range of options, extending to $100,000. This pricing flexibility allows clients to tailor their investment according to their specific requirements and the extent of support desired. For those seeking comprehensive assistance, the higher-end contracts come bundled with a suite of additional services, including management of social media, advertising, automated ads, brand ambassadors, and backend and email marketing.

In addition to these full-service options, the owner employs a savvy strategy to generate leads and engage potential clients by offering low-ticket information products, such as books and courses, priced between $9 and $997. These products serve a dual purpose – they provide valuable insights to customers and act as effective lead magnets, drawing in individuals interested in eCommerce opportunities. This innovative lead-generation tactic ensures a constant influx of prospective clients.

One indispensable tool in the company’s arsenal is its funnel software, an essential component every client uses. This software, priced at a reasonable $74 per month, is pivotal in streamlining and automating various aspects of eCommerce operations. It simplifies sales, enhances customer engagement, and optimizes marketing efforts. Moreover, its universality within the client base reflects a commitment to efficiency and success.

Marketing & Customer Base

The digital marketing strategy primarily comprises paid advertising on Facebook and YouTube, along with daily posts on various social media platforms. These efforts are designed to guide prospects toward a straightforward yet highly effective call booking funnel.

Clients must apply for each program and qualify if they have the necessary funds. Assuming they do, a call is booked. These calls achieve high conversion rates due to the astute vetting process, and once closed, clients are connected with the fulfillment team to begin work.

The typical customer is an investment-minded individual over 35. They think long-term regarding their goals and understand that creating an online business takes time.

The average new client deal is worth $15,000. However, once a client is on board, approximately 40% upgrade to additional services ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. Contracts characteristically last for four months, and 50% of clients renew after their initial term. The business obtains between 15 and 25 new clients monthly.

No seasonality in sales is experienced, given the evergreen nature of the niche.

Workload & Transition

The owner dedicates around two hours daily to the business, focusing primarily on liaising with team members via text, filming content for the YouTube channel, posting on social media, and building relationships with new partners to collaborate with.

A lean but proficient team is in place, including the COO, who runs the day-to-day operations. He will stay on post-acquisition should a buyer wish. All employees are contractors but work exclusively for the company.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, where adaptability is critical, this company stands out for its comprehensive services and pricing strategies that cater to a broad spectrum of clients. From those taking their first steps into the eCommerce world to seasoned entrepreneurs looking to scale their operations, management has developed a solution tailored to their needs. As a result, this opportunity is ideal for a buyer who can capitalize on the exceptionally smooth fulfillment and sales channels but assume a CEO role to scale the internal teams and expand into new markets.

The existing owner is willing to stay onboard in a minority equity position or on an extended consultancy to ensure continuity through transition if necessary.

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WC 3173

Asking Price
$ 7,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,757,584
Gross Income
$ 5,484,992
Year Established

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