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Online Health & Fitness Coaching Business – Subscription Model – 6 Years in Business – 3 Years of Strong YOY Growth – Proven Social Media Marketing that Works

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Website Closers® presents a Health & Wellness Brand that has built their reputation as an Online Diet & Fitness Training Program focused on the Male Demographic. The brand uses Bio Hacking techniques to help every individual customer lose weight and keep it off.

The website is packed with a large amount of content and a number of video testimonials from happy customers that specifically go through their weight loss journey. Before and After images of people that have utilized these services is also prevalent across the site.

As successful as the company has been, numerous actionable scale opportunities are available to a buyer to dramatically boost the top and bottom lines and realize a swift return on investment.

Currently, the typical customer is a male in his 30s to 50s, earning between $75,000 and $200,000 annually, carrying excess weight. He balances family and work responsibilities and seeks to reclaim his fitness and overall well-being.

Marketing & Lead Generation 

A top-of-the-funnel marketing strategy utilizes video and image advertisements on prominent social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These carefully crafted ads earmark men who align with the target demographic and have expressed interest in achieving their fitness goals. The primary objective at this stage is to raise awareness among this specific audience regarding the company’s ability to address their health challenges and to gather their contact information for subsequent engagement.

Once contact information is obtained, prospects receive a complimentary training guide and a video introduction to the business’s sales offerings. Subsequently, an SMS is sent as part of the follow-up process. At the same time, leads are added to a 5-day email drip campaign. The campaign’s purpose is to establish trust and credibility.

Upon receiving a response, a proficient team of Virtual Assistants guides these individuals through a proven framework to ascertain their goals and schedule a call with the sales team. The business consistently achieves high conversion rates during these calls, resulting in sign-ups for the core 12-week Fat Loss Coaching program, priced at $2,400.

Retargeting efforts are employed across various platforms for those who do not initially opt into the squeeze page until a response is attained. Once non-responders engage with the message, VAs guide them through the same process to schedule a call.

Throughout the initial 12-week program, the company plants the seed that there is a special offer for participants who excel and wish to continue their fitness journey with additional support. Upon completion, clients are invited to join an exclusive network, accessible for $2,400 annually. This network is designed to help members further enhance their fitness while also fostering intentionality in various aspects of life. It includes a host of benefits, personal coaching, and access to a private Facebook group comprising around 900 other fitness enthusiasts inclined towards high-ticket purchases, creating a strong sense of community.

These marketing endeavors attract approximately 3,000 new monthly opt-ins and include valuable email addresses and phone numbers. Remarkably, this is realized with a minimal daily ad budget of just $200 and achieves a 400% return on ad spend.

Sales remain strong throughout the year, with healthy peaks before and after New Year’s.

Operations & Staff

The owner has extensively streamlined processes and now endures a light workload of only five hours weekly. His primary tasks include handling weekly payroll, observing activity on the members’ Facebook group, keeping track of sales calls, and sending emails and SMS blasts. Additionally, he holds a one-hour weekly group coaching call with the Mastermind members. Considering that most day-to-day operations are run by a proficient team and the business has developed an outstanding reputation through countless results and testimonials of satisfied clients, it is no longer dependent on him.

The staff is motivated to remain with the company post-acquisition and includes seven contractors working in the following capacities:

  • 2 Accountability Coaches
  • 2 Sales Reps
  • A Workout Specialist
  • A Mindset Coach
  • An Employee Heading the Weekly Mastermind Group Call

Scale Opportunities

Due to the operational efficacy of the company, a new owner will have the opportunity to focus on scaling the business and can consider pursuing several avenues. Improving conversion rates through dedicated lead setters or phone calls could significantly enhance sign-up rates. Introducing lower-priced offerings would attract a broader audience and generate immediate revenue.

Expanding the Mastermind program is another lucrative possibility. A buyer could increase customer lifetime value by channeling more previous program graduates into this extended community. Additionally, exploring female-oriented programs and affiliate marketing partnerships could enable management to tap into new market segments and broaden the client base.

A robust SEO strategy would facilitate long-term organic growth, and sponsored ads across various online platforms would extend brand reach.

These strategies align with the growing demand for online diet and fitness solutions, positioning the company for sustained success in the vertical.

This Fitness Business is Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology & Internet Business Brokers

WC 3152

Asking Price
$ 1,125,000
Cash Flow
$ 321,377
Gross Income
$ 892,025
Year Established

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