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Online Marketing Platform for Romance Books & Novels – Strong Social Media Presence – 14,000+ Subscribers


Website Closers® presents an innovative offering in Online Marketing for Books & Novels for Authors. This passionate promoter of romance novels leverages their Popular Website and strong Social Media Following to bring traffic and awareness for their clients’ books. Offering several advertising options to authors, this business has a wide-reaching daily newsletter with 14,000+ subscribers and a 37%+ open rate.

Bringing together avid readers and phenomenal authors, this powerful promoting platform targets low priced books to maximize conversions. The company has gathered a focused Facebook following of 37,000 readers who regularly purchase books. With numerous untapped markets, this company currently relies on organic growth and Facebook alone for all leads; creating marketing campaigns and partnering with industry leaders could further this brand’s efficacy and boost sales.

As a universal go-to for romance genre fans, this well- established company could scale effectively by offering their services in other genres as well as through extended marketing initiatives. Optimizing the website for both overall look and Search Engine Optimization could impactfully energize readers while bringing in new, interested customers. Additionally, partnering with popular e-book sources such as public libraries and Amazon Kindle could raise service adoption rates.

A service provider with incredible results, this company has earned an enviable 25%+ Repeat Author Rate that keeps their loyal readers coming back. Developing this brand into a hub for romance readers, this online business has a broad reach with unparalleled conversion rates. Building on this, serving other niches in the community such as Fantasy, Adventure, and Sci-fi could prove powerful growth drivers. These initiatives could also cross promote as many readers are interested in a myriad of genres.

Currently a source of steady and passive revenue, this target can be scaled through additional marketing tactics such as Instagram engagement and PPC placements across Facebook and Instagram to generate higher visitor rates and brand awareness on the consumer side. Meanwhile, sponsoring and participating in writing events for new authors such as NaNoWriMo could be a great source of author leads.

Dedicating less than an hour each week to maintaining and running this company, the current owner oversees operations and updates the email newsletter framework. Operating with one contractor, this company is a mainly passive income that relies on its industry standing to gain audience and client interest alike.

A dynamic and passionate offering in the e-book promotions industry, this opportunity is a proven and promising hub for romance novel readers and authors. Working to connect popular as well as up-and-coming authors to interested consumers, this company leverages their website to generate interest.

Carrying a powerful audience that engaged both through a daily newsletter and an organically grown Facebook page, this business could be grown through the addition of a marketing spend, additional service categories, and website updates to drive phenomenal growth. Operating with little to no owner involvement, this is the perfect investment for any type of buyer.

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Listing ID:  WC2238

Asking Price
$ 410,000
Cash Flow
$ 88,687
Gross Income
$ 121,874
Year Established