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Online Mentorship, Nutrition & Fitness Program for Women – 40% Repeat Order Rate – Strong Social Media Following – $3600 Average Customer Lifetime Value


Website Closers® presents a company offering a comprehensive online health and fitness program. The team works with their clients on a one-on-one basis. They gather information regarding customer goals, schedules, likes, dislikes, and lifestyles and design a nutrition and exercise program around their lifestyle to meet their needs. From there, they speak with them daily through messages, social media, zoom calls, and Facebook groups.

The goal, which has clearly been achieved thus far, is multifaceted and includes helping women:

  • Make healthy nutritional choices that benefit their personal goals and health without restriction
  • Build strength and tone their physiques with exercises that they enjoy
  • Create a better relationship with food, nutrition, and exercise on this journey
  • Feel proud of the amazing women they are once again

The core offering is women’s fat loss and nutrition coaching. A group membership program is available to past clients and helps maintain customers, increase recurring revenue, and help women continue their healthy journey.

Notably, the business experiences little seasonality. Subtle changes happen with a rise around the new year and a slight drop as the holidays approach. This is expected in the niche but can be mitigated by doubling down on advertising and conversation.

The typical customer varies between busy women, business owners, and moms. They spend, on average, $3,600 over the course of their relationship with the company.

The owners focus primarily on the following tasks:

  • Marketing
  • Setting Goals
  • Sales
  • Coaching
  • Client Retention
  • Program Development
  • Coaching Calls

Growth projections suggest that more coaches will need to be hired as demand continues to grow. The company is exceptionally lean with minimal overhead and healthy profit margins.

Lead generation is primarily achieved via social media posting. Channels include TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Advertising on TikTok is geared at receiving direct messages and, subsequently, conversation. At the same time, Facebook ads encourage prospective clients to enroll in a 5-day challenge, followed by the 12-week program. This gives customers direct access to the Facebook group, where a strong community and helpful content keep users motivated. Additionally, the brand sends weekly emails to its database of more than 13,000 with helpful information and advice.

Social media provides a large organic audience that has the potential to provide high ticket purchases with a meager advertising cost. The brand has witnessed growth each year since it began due to keeping costs low. This business has extremely low overheads. Before hiring a team of coaches, marketing experts, and administration staff, it saw 70% or higher margins after expenses.

The company has plans to expand beyond the coaching vertical. Low-hanging fruit like apparel, merchandise and fitness equipment will likely bring in additional, robust revenue streams, while extra nutrition and fitness plans will make offerings available to a broader audience while increasing customer retention.

Group sessions present an excellent opportunity to increase revenue dramatically, with little effort, and subscription-based plans would encourage recurring income with minimal marketing. The brand can also look to meal prep services themselves or easily partner with an existing company in the niche to boost revenue without capital injection.

It all began with two fitness fanatics who met in a gym, fell in love, moved apart, got back together, quit their jobs, married each other, and formed a dream team of fat loss coaches to help women all over the country. The business is now primed for a new owner to take it to the next level by utilizing their expertise and whichever roadmap they choose.

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Asking Price
$ 550,000
Cash Flow
$ 184,739
Gross Income
$ 359,488
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